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  1. 5 minutes ago, youngofthesoonest said:

    if that's the case, you can always reach out and we always work with you if the measurements are that off. are you measuring the waistband completely flat and getting a 32"? 

    If I really flatten it and stretch it down I measure 16.5. I appreciate the help I have gotten from you guys in the past. I guess it’s just a matter of buying jeans online really

    I want to order the Edo’s so maybe I’ll be inquiring more measurements soon


  2. On 8/8/2020 at 3:59 PM, kiya said:

    What is with the SE measurement dislike here?  We measure everything in-house and re-measure a product if we get a new production run in from the manufacturer.  We also state how the measurements are taken on our site, which is a fairly standard way of measuring things at tailors in the US (I do understand that in Japan some measure the waist differently).  Outside of this if we feel that we're getting more returns than usual on a particular product we make sure to remeasure and update the size chart for that product to make sure it's correct.  It's literally everything we can do to get our clients the most accurate measurements. 


    Not trying to take away from this post or bash on anyone, maybe this belongs somewhere else, but almost everything I get from SE the measurements don’t match what is on your website. The Leroy’s that just came out are sz 32 measured on your webpage as 34. They actually measure 32”

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