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  1. Anybody heard anything from BiG about the next run of 710 in the VX denim?  When I ordered my 19oz they said Summer, but New York's summer and Texas' summer are tooootally different time frame.


    They said winter when I asked last fall, now it seems to be summer. I guess it takes a few more months. I'm on the fence.


    Emailed Gordon the beginning if this month he said Summer.

    I first heard of the possibility of these in Sept 2012..... Still they haven't materialised, I have almost given up hope!

  2. I wish they'd do them in 15oz... Perfect weight in my opinion. Anything heavier I don't think I'll bother... Too uncomfortable.

    Has anyone had any recent updates in relation to this 710 collab?? Seems like rumours have been ongoing for 18months with no 'real' details known...

  3. Are the 800 only available in the one inseam length?? Shrinking down to around 32inches? Not sure if they would work for a 6ft 3in!

  4. Ok ok..... Maybe I was wrong. Pics above of faded examples are great. I think the w34 would work for me. This is what I currently wear in Samurai 710's. Think I might go ahead as the price is pretty good too..

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