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  1. Personally for me the 1101 is the best fit. I am 6ft 3 and wear them in a w33 with no hem. The taper is really not that drastic and I think they are a comfortable everyday cut. I owned the 1108 which I found uncomfortable in the top block and a bit wide from the knee down.

  2. Google translate:

    "I have been using cloth surge of yarn unevenness due to organic cotton. I have been using the "beige" and "Chisho model". Also serves as an accent and reinforcement, I have the entire tension also in the back pocket"

    No clue what this means!! Any insight appreciated....

  3. Just received my 1101's raw from Denimio. Got a w33, usual size is a w34/35 but know how stretchy this Fullcount denim is. Waist is pretty comfortable raw... Hoping it doesn't shrink too much and stretches back out to raw measurement.

    Otherwise I'll have another pair for sale!!

  4. BRAND NEW - Fullcount 1110z w34 (one wash model)

    Bought from Yuichi at Pirates, Japan. Unfortunately too small for myself in the thigh area. Great jeans, great details. Zip fly. Once washed version so most of the shrinkage has taken place. Only tried on by myself.

    Measurements on the Blue in Green website are accurate. I am just looking what I paid which will be considerably less than US retail and UK prices. I am going to get the 1101's. Any questions just ask..

    $240 shipped to the US

    £140 shipped in the UK/EU



  5. Just received the 1110z from Pirates w34..... Love the fit of the top block but fear the thighs won't work. May have to let them go for what I paid and look at the 1101..

    Anybody interested PM me. I'll decide over the weekend.

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