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  1. Anyone know of a stockist for these in NYC? Headed shortly and will visit BIG & Selfedge for the well known stuff. Just wondering if these will be available in any store? Would like the chance to try a few different sizes on.

  2. Liking the look and price of the 505's... Just apprehensive in case they look too baggy in a size 34.. I need more fit pics to convince me!!

  3. Am I correct in saying these 505's don't look that slim? I would love to try them but fear in the w34 they will be too baggy. Currently wearing Resolute 710 and really liking that cut. If they were similar I would give them a try.

  4. W34 L36 710's raw - one wash at 30C

    W 33inches

    FR 11.5inches

    BR 15inches

    Thigh 12.5inches

    Inseam 33.5inches

    Leg Opening 7.5inches

    Fit is good and snug at the minute. Going to wear them round the house now for an hr or two and see how they stretch.... I am thinking these will fit much better than my 36's.

  5. Pretty much what I got with mine after a 40C wash. The waist has now stretched considerably.

    My raw 34's arrived on Monday from PSA. Waist was perfect raw. Have just gave them a 30C wash. Hang drying now. Hopefully the waist will be ok after a few wears.

    Will get measurements up tomorrow if anyone interested...

  6. I will be wearing them that way... Just need to content myself I have the correct size. 36's too big on the ass at the minute. Hopefully 34's better and then I'll either sell the 36's or wash them at 60c to get maximum shrinkage.

  7. Just ordered some raw 710's in w34 l36 to see if they fit better than my w36's. The 36's are a comfortable fit but going to try the 34's for a slimmer fit.

    If they don't work I'll have a 710 w34 l36 for sale...

  8. I currently wear the 107 slim fit. Really good neppy denim and a good cut in my opinion for something slimmer than my Resolutes. They are my weekend pair. The 105's also look good for a looser option but haven't tried them.

  9. I posted my measurements on the last page. I reckon the waist has prob stretched to 36 now. I went with the raw version and gave them a 40C wash before wearing. I am sure there is more shrink in them.

    One wash w34 measure 84cms. Raw w34 measure 88cms. I reckon after wearing they will stretch back and past raw measurements. I may get the 34s raw and just wash them at 30C shrinkage permitting.

  10. Looks like my 710OG have started the threads breaking... Only 2.5months wear. Not impressed compared to my other Samurai's. Going to give them a wash and see if that toughens them up!