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  1. Decided to give the w34 l34 a try from Caliroots... Full refunds on return so no problems if they are too small. Fingers crossed. Really hoping for a new pair of Warehouse to break in.

  2. Anyone tried he Warehouse lot 900? Caliroots list them as having a 34inch inseam. I may give them a try. Think the 800's would still be a bit loose for my current taste.

  3. Japan-holic still has size 34 (one-wash) 800s in stock for $190 shipped.

    Thanks have found a raw pair at a good price. Just trying to decide if they'll fit ....

  4. I tried a raw w34 and 36 on several weeks ago. The w34 fitted quite well on waist when raw so I was not sure if it would shrink too much. On the other hand the raw 36 was huge all over. if the w34 waist stretches back to raw they would be perfect.

  5. Where did you get them from? If you don't mind I would be interested in the inseam length and leg opening measurements. We are the same size in most jeans. I presume these are a little looser than the Resolute 710 in w36? Thanks for any assistance.

  6. Anyone know of a stockist for these in NYC? Headed shortly and will visit BIG & Selfedge for the well known stuff. Just wondering if these will be available in any store? Would like the chance to try a few different sizes on.

  7. Liking the look and price of the 505's... Just apprehensive in case they look too baggy in a size 34.. I need more fit pics to convince me!!

  8. Am I correct in saying these 505's don't look that slim? I would love to try them but fear in the w34 they will be too baggy. Currently wearing Resolute 710 and really liking that cut. If they were similar I would give them a try.

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