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  1. Fullcount 1101 Tagged 33x36

    Actual Measurements

    Fullcount 33x36

    Waist - 35inches

    Front Rise - 11inches

    Back Rise- 16inches

    Inseam - 33.75inches

    Leg Opening - 8.1inches

    Upper thigh - 12.25inches

    These have been worn and washed so no shrinkage left. Recently chainstitched by Ironheart UK and not worn since. Heaps of wear/indigo left in these. Selling as I have too many pairs.

    £70 shipped in UK. Europe and USA contact me for quote.





  2. Resolute 710 Tagged 36x36

    Actual Measurements

    Resolute 710 36x36

    Waist- 36inches

    Front Rise- 11inches

    Back Rise- 16inches

    Inseam - 33.25inches

    Leg opening - 8inches

    Upper thigh - 12.5inches

    These have been worn and washed so there will be no shrinkage left in them. Great pair of jeans but I have too many so letting some go.

    I'll start at £75 shipped within UK. Europe and USA contact me for shipping quotes.





  3. They don't have any raw 36s. There are O/W 36's and they provided me with these measurements:

    Lot 1105 LTD OneWash size


    Waist-89cm Mid tight-34.5cm Front Rise-29cm Back Rise-40cm Length-80cm Leg Opening-20.5cm 

    I reckon these could work for me. Would like the leg opening a bit smaller but as they will be shorter than I normally wear it will prob work.

  4. Comparing BIG's measurement charts they measure the same as the 710OG up top just slightly smaller at the leg opening...... I think I am talking myself out of them already!!!

  5. Anyone going to try the S0511xx? I am tempted but fear if I hem them by 2-3inches the leg opening will become too wide thus defeating the purpose of the tapered cut...

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