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  1. They don't have any raw 36s. There are O/W 36's and they provided me with these measurements:

    Lot 1105 LTD OneWash size


    Waist-89cm Mid tight-34.5cm Front Rise-29cm Back Rise-40cm Length-80cm Leg Opening-20.5cm 

    I reckon these could work for me. Would like the leg opening a bit smaller but as they will be shorter than I normally wear it will prob work.

  2. Comparing BIG's measurement charts they measure the same as the 710OG up top just slightly smaller at the leg opening...... I think I am talking myself out of them already!!!

  3. Anyone going to try the S0511xx? I am tempted but fear if I hem them by 2-3inches the leg opening will become too wide thus defeating the purpose of the tapered cut...

  4. The taper isn't as severe as most make out as 99% of people need them hemmed at least 2-3inches. Once that is done the leg opening ends up nearer 8inches so not so drastic.... that's my experience of them and I am over 6ft so ,y hemming wasn't too much.

  5. W35 would prob be best for me too.... The W34 do stretch, but can feel a bit tight some days!! I gave my W36's a 60C wash but as yet have avoided the dryer. I might give it a go soon as they are due a wash.

  6. John M - I have both a w34 and w36 in the 710's and believe it or not both fit. They are stretchy. The w36 pair are most comfortable up top but they have heaps of room (prob too much) in the seat and thighs. The 34 is much better up top but slightly tight on the thigh.

    For comfort purposes my w36 get most wear. Aesthetically I prefer the slimmer silhouette of the w34.

    I am a w33 in the 1101 and w34 in the Warehouse lot900.