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  1. Havaianas. Started wearing em when I was backpacking in Australia, then I went on to South America and picked up another few pairs in Brazil as they only cost about $3!! Perfect summer footwear. Atheltes foot isn't really in this summer!!

  2. With Samurai I never size down. I have both the 505xx and the 510xx both in my normal size. I just buy em, fire them in a 40degree wash and hey presto they fit perfect. Plus I have the added comfort factor of not having to squeeze into a pair of jeans for about a week just to stretch them out to your normal size....... Madness!!

  3. In relation to earlier posts.... are you guys saying these jeans are the same fit as APC rescues? Thinking of getting a pair of these IH's. I have a pair of Rescues s32 which fit me perfectly.

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