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  1. Roy RN04 Waist 34

    Soaked twice and worn only four times as I tried to convince myself that they fitted. Needless to say they are too small and I am reluctantly selling. No visible signs of wear. Excellently made pair of jeans has already been well documented.


    Waist 34

    Fr 10.25

    Br 14.5

    Knee 9

    Hem 8.5

    Inseam 34

    Price £185 shipped via Paypal. Apologies on my camera skills but I only have an iPhone at the minute.


  2. Wore my narrows for the 1st time today. Denim is crazy stiff. 12hrs wear and first observations are that the rise is way smaller than anything I'm used to. I reckon they will need a good month of solid wear to make them sit comfortably. At the minute they are too stiff to give a fair assessment.

  3. Soaked in cold water for about 30mins and currently drying with a hanger stuffed in the waist band. Anyone else notice the denim sticky to touch after soak? Prob just the starch I imagine. They have definitely shrunk a lot. I may stick them on when damp to help stretch the waist. I hope they work!

  4. Just received my narrows in the mail. Fantastically made pair. The best I've had in a while. Just worried now about waist shrinkage. Not too tight pre soak can get my hand/fist down when buttoned up.

    Anybody who has soaked want to share stretch info.... I.e. do they stretch any with wear?

  5. Soaked a RN04 36 in lukewarm water for 30 minutes yesterday and they shrank up a good amount but nothing crazy. Agreed on inseam shrinking most. Waist probably lost over an inch.

    They ended up being a good snug fit for someone who normally wears a 34 Sanforized. (6'1'' 220lbs)

    Taking in for some hemming! Will post some pics once they're ready to go.

    This is sounding even worse for my order now... I don't need my w34's to shrink to a w32... Anyone want to trade! I too am in the UK enduring the wait.

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