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  1. Anybody any experience of the recent LVC 505 1967 rigid?? The made in Turkey version. Have a pair of the made in USA ones in 34x34 which are several yrs old and a bit tight on the waist. Just ordered 36x34 from Tres Bien and now stressing in case they are going to be huge!! Too good a price to pass up though!

  2. In my experience the 1108 stretches quite a lot. I have the w35 which became unwearable after a few months due to stretch. Have just got them back from Denim Doc having the waist taken in by 2 inches. A great job and now a much better fit.

  3. Prob answered somewhere here but I'm being lazy... How's the quality differ on the raw 1967 505's Made in USA to Made in Turkey?? I have the USA version but have the chance to pick up a Turkey version for a good price. I presume they are still the same denim?? Thanks in advance.

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