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  1. Ok ok..... Maybe I was wrong. Pics above of faded examples are great. I think the w34 would work for me. This is what I currently wear in Samurai 710's. Think I might go ahead as the price is pretty good too..

  2. Interested in this 1101 cut..... Anyone any tagged 32 or 33 post soak measurements? Are they much slimmer in lower leg than 1108's?

    I had 1108's before in a w35 ended up way too big after stretching and the legs were a crap fit on me. Tight on thigh and too loose below knee.

  3. 660 update from BIG

    Thank you for your inquiry. The 660's are a discontinued model in Japan but

    they produce them for us as a special edition so we're not able to special

    order outside of our regular production. We're planning to produce more

    shortly and will hopefully have them back in stock around the end of this

    year or shortly after.


    Gordon Heffner

  4. Yeah but little info on the tweet... Yellow Hawk's are a black version. Supposed to be doing a 15oz and 17oz indigo version but all just rumours at the minute. Nobody has any details.

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