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  1. I’d love to have my tapered w38’s back..... still waiting from Superstitch.  Posted out end of May.  He said he posted them back at end of July.  Still nothing.  Tracking info is wrong and he replies to no messages.  Pretty shocking service. 

  2. On 6/15/2020 at 5:54 PM, cmo said:

    Anybody used Superstitch in Paris before for a mail in?  He received my item on 31st May and since then has not responded to any messages.  All I want from him is an estimated finishing time but at the minute looks like I may be lucky getting my jeans back!! 

    Update about Superstitch if anyone interested...... still waiting for my jeans back.  Managed to get one phone call with him where he told me they were finished and posted back on 22nd June.  Still not received them and now he answers no messages or phone calls.  Pretty diabolical service for someone who promotes themselves as a professional outfit on Instagram.  Regret sending them now as they were a new pair of Resolute.... 

    looks like I’ll just have to suck it up and hope they arrive sometime. 

  3. Yeah they are a slim fit that’s for sure.  These w38’s are probably more comparable to w34 in some other brands.  I would certainly not be a w38 in anything else.  But then they are made primarily for Japanese so being a westerner I need to size up accordingly!! 

  4. Resolute 710 w38x34

    one wash measurements 

    Waist - 18inches across rear of waist band

    Front Rise - 11inches

    Back Rise - 15.5inches

    Inseam - 31.5inches

    Leg Opening - 7.75inches

    Pretty perfect for myself.  So much more comfortable in the thigh than my w36 pair.  Waist not that much different but reckon it will stretch a bit.  
    Hard to believe I have had these in w34, 36 and now 38 and all have fitted.  This pair is obviously the most comfortable. 

  5. 10 hours ago, Broark said:

    So does anyone have measurements for a pair of 710's 38x34? :ph34r: Just looked back through the thread and didn't see anything.
    BiG removed their product page for the 710 (not sure why, maybe just because they're out of stock) so can't fall back on that.

    I have a pair en route to myself.  Will update at beginning of next week. 

  6. Don’t think he sells them but certainly promotes himself as a master tailor.... his work looks good.  I can wear the w36 but just want something more comfortable for summer and sitting in an office!!! 

  7. Just send them to superstitch in Paris and get the leg opening you want.  I am doing the same.  Currently wear a w36 but thighs are tight.  Just ordered a w38 with short leg for summer.  If they are too wide at bottom once Superstitch is open again I’ll get them tapered in 0.75/1inch. 

  8. I will measure later.  They are not ripstop but I think you can get a ripstop version in some retailers.  They soften up really good and fade to a nice shade of green.  Perfect for spring/summer in UK. 

  9. I have the slim fit fatigues in both a size 4 and size 5.  Size 5 are super comfortable but big on waist.  I wear the 107 jean in size 4.  The denim is really stretchy.  The fatigue pant not as much and as you said you can make them smaller with the waist adjusted.  They will be slimmer than the 105 I think so check other measurements. 

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