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  1. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Visvim Fluxus Raw (Indigo) 04 size 30 Condition 9.5/10 $200 + shipping
  2. china :: hong kong :: general

    heading to HK this coming wednesday .. what's good?
  3. malaysia :: kuala lumpur :: general

    newit : dont think much is happening within that period of time because of the ramadhan month, .. if there's anything i can update ya for relaxing, you could check out sekeping serendah, http://www.serendah.com/ it's a pretty cool glass house in the middle of the jungle, check it out , it's pretty relaxing .. and nope, unfortunately, you wont get any thom browne in KL, as rirawin mentioned, you're better off hoppin on a coach over to singapore
  4. Common Projects sneakers

    first pair of CP. i love it
  5. Recent Purchases. . .

    this. and this.
  6. Urban Techwear

    http://www.muji.eu/p...ub=136&PID=5696 found this in Muji .. not too bad
  7. WTS: Navy Chinos/Cheap Monday Kostym/Shirts

    send ya a PM! check!
  8. Visvim SS12

    yup, got that right
  9. Common Projects sneakers

    ah i see, thanks for the info mate, looking at the new officer derby in tan brown .. that looks sick! hope i get to fit on the 41's cheers!
  10. Common Projects sneakers

    does the officer derby's fit the same as the achilles ? looking at a pair of officer derby's in 41, im a us9 on most shoes, will i fit on the derby's? cheers
  11. APC

    hey guys, just to share, NC in 29 first wear, can't button the top yet, but the rest is fine.. so far fit's fine, hope it does not stretch out too much! cheers
  12. APC

    not much mentioned on the PS Black .. from what i know that the Black pair wont shrink as much as the Indigo ones .. so i guess sizing down 1 is good enough? opting to get a pair of PS black, used to wear NS 27 but after soaking it once .. i cant fit in it after couple of wears! just want to make sure i get the right pair, im a size 32 for t-000 uniqlo's & visvim fluxus w30 .. should i get a pair of PS Black in 29? Cheers
  13. FS : NBHD Black Icon & Visvim Wellar Polo

  14. Junya-Visvim-APC

    hey, check your mail drop you an email
  15. FS : NBHD Black Icon & Visvim Wellar Polo

    bring up my post