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  1. Got my Bamba 2 Mid today from @Yoshiii. Took only like 5 days to get here from halfway across the world lol

    I'm a US8 in pretty much all Nike models and the Bamba 2 in US8 fits me just fine.

    If I want to be really picky I guess it's slightly roomier compared to say, a Flyknit racer in the same size, but definitely don't size down for your first pair, just to be on the safe side.

  2. Or J1TS-S, but the idea behind putting tecsys webbing on the chest is quite ridiculous, at least i hope they will release more 3A attachments with it.

    Brain fart. Meant to type J1BTS-S, but yeah J1TS-S makes more sense.

    Still on the fence about the TS on the chest, very excited about another aspect of the jacket though

  3. They really should have something place to explain and prepare buyers for this.. not just some page on the website; a disclaimer with every purchase..


    Lmao a disclaimer with every purchase? This isn't enough for you?


    It's pretty much common knowledge by now that sellers can't be held responsible for import tax & duties. You're the one that should figure it out and prepare for this, not them.

  4. from the fit pics, errolson seems to be wearing a size S in the pants if you look at the waist fit, and compare to his other fit pics of such as P10, P10A in which he wore size M so i'm guessing he's also 32" waist... if he is wearing size M, waist measurement @ 90cm, then the waist should be cinched up, no?

    He's wearing a Medium.

  5. I would really love if Errolson showed us interim designs to show the evolution or refinement of some of these jackets.

    Lol but he does shows the evolution of all of his jackets.

    J8, J18, J39, J46 all leads to the J53

  6. l dont know from my point of view its the same. J1A is here to gain profit /1K-MP2TS is here to gain profit. maybe the difference is that he did not invest in creating the fake acronym branding. yet.

    I don't think it's the same, danii. I have to agree with Inkinsurgent here. There's no malicious intent.

    Besides, didn't you make a 3A-12TS bag and velcro patches with 3RDARM branding on them (both of which are really cool btw)? You also posted them on Instagram but you're not selling them publicly and neither did 1000Death.


    So from my point of view, what you and 1000death did is the same. I see both of them as more of a tribute rather than a replica.

  7. Selling some of my jackets & pants because they don't get much wear.

    Figured I'll post it here before this goes to Grailed.

    All items are in a size Small

    Prices include Worldwide Shipping via DHL. They're non-negotiable unless you buy more than one item. I've browsed around and I believe the prices are fair considering the condition and rarity of some these items.

    No Trades




    $575 SOLD

    Condition is 8/10. Worn for quite a bit, hand washed once. 

    No flaws that I can find, no fading at all.

    Jacket only, no spec sheets and modulars






    Condition is 8.5/10. Less than a month of wear on them. Handwashed once.

    No flaws that I can find, no fading at all.

    Comes complete with spec sheets





    Condition is 9/10. Worn for only 1 week in the winter, then stored away.

    Only flaw is the label tag is slightly ripped. Has no effect on looks/function.

    Comes complete with spec sheets





    Condition is 9.5/10. Worn literally once in the rain, that's it.

    Comes complete with spec sheets




    $1000 SOLD

    I'm not even sure I want to sell this, hence the price

    Condition is 9/10. Worn it for a week, then stored away.

    No flaws

    Comes complete with spec sheets



    Brand New Items:

    No pics because I can't take better pictures then the retailers.

    P14-CH (Black)

    $400 SOLD

    Brand new. I haven't even taken it out of the plastic packaging in 2 years (?)




    Brand new. Tried on, then stored away. Only selling because I have a J49-SS.


  8. Damn. Really not down to pay an extra 200 euros just for duties.. and UPS would also charge brokerage fees. I suppose there's no way around that? 


    Are you in EU?


    If not, you'll get a 135 euro VAT deduction so you'll only end up paying 70 euro more than those in EU.

  9. I ask because I cannot seem to find the washing instructions, and following recent discussions re different experiences w different fabrics, I was simply trying to see if anyone has better advice for certain materials. you can just ignore my question if you feel no need to answer, you don't have to be a f---ing asshole about it! but then, if making idiotic replies as you did makes you feel superior or better about yourself, so be it.

    Took me 2 minutes to find the care tags on 5 jackets and 4 pants.

    No one has better washing advice then the care tags. If you can afford $1000 jackets then you can afford the time it takes to find those.

  10. From a US perspective, the biggest factor in determining whether duty will be assessed is the shipping method.


    Lol. Nonsense. 


    Everything goes through Customs and the import duties are assessed on the value of the package, regardless of the shipping method.

  11. Yea dude, pretty much.  However, if you don't have a friend and if you use a proxy like Sutocorp, it almost costs as much as going direct from ACRNM.  I'd rather get it in 3 days from ACRNM than 2 weeks from Sutocorp and have a difference of 25 bucks.  (I've done this before)


    Total amount paid was pretty much 30% on retail.

    This isn't a new thing though is it? How much did the J47A, J27 etc costs you in import duties if you don't mind me asking?

  12. The mesh part is to slide over the handle of a carry-on case. Standard air traveller utility.

    No it's not. The mesh part is fixed. It's for ventilation only.

    Great job, danii!

  13. If you don't mind going the brandless route, there's plenty of Cobra belt's for 1/2 the price. AFAIK, everyone uses the same Austrialpin buckle. Ordered 3 from here: http://www.body-armour-protection.co.uk/tactical-belts.html

    FWIW, I've got 2 belts from there and 2 from Bagjack, with both Cobra and GT buckles. The ones from Body Armour are flimsy, pretty much just a strip of nylon webbing with buckles, whereas the Bagjack ones are far more sturdier and thus more comfortable.

  14. Thanks i wonder if i just asked him myself i might get lucky

    Lol. I don't think they've let any new people in since like forever.

    Cmiiw, but I believe Subnet was meant to be some sort of a pre-order type of thing to help fund the production wayy back then. If cash flow's no longer a problem, why would they just let in any dudes off the internet to drool over next year's releases?

    Good luck tho

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