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  1. here are a few lights that some have been edc-ing for about 5-10 years


    surefire l2 digital lumamax

    inova aa, can't remember the model #

    arc aaa, i love this little guy and was sad to see arc go down

    arc 4+, for those of you that remember this light, it was a game changer. small bright programmable, tactical lights were never the same

    nitecore ex10 r2, just got this from ken and am really loving it so far.

  2. hahaha. so that's the knife you were telling me about, sonny? i think i'll need to pick one up.

    *edit* aw, the tanilla isn't auto both ways :(

    and yes, ryan, here's my microtech:


    i have the utx70 too, but i like the tantilla better right now. stronger lock up and feels more substantial in the hand.

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