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  1. i just saw this thread.

    here's one of mine from a bit ago


    i was done over about 8 sessions by jason kundel at art work rebels in sf(now he has a new shop 7th son tattoo)

  2. here's some from yesterday. it was good times all around. kiya proved again that he can fix any situation. he's like winston wolf.

    and he also gets radical


    ayn is pola curious


    sydney likes to start barfights


  3. High: Ran into Goldchains in front of Self Edge today

    Low: They didn't have cinnamon gelato

    High: Sonny and I joined a group of hipsters on bikes with one of them blasting A Bay Bay on a bike mounted stereo. We had bmx bikes, they had fixies, they didn't try to kill us like they normally do

    High: My sausage sandwich had two sausages in it

    Low: I can't fly up two hills in a row on my bmx like i used to

    mine are pretty much the same.

    i was happy i didn't have to shank any fixie hipsters. they knew not to step to team bsp.

  4. i shot all these with an slr680. i think they're pretty much the pinnacle of instant camera design. for 600 film i also use modded sx70's and an impulseAF. if i shoot pack film i use a 600se or a reporter/propack.

  5. a few choice shots from a recent new york trip.


    sydney blowing jermaine's mind with his yoyo skills


    dum busting out a 3:00am drunken birthday cartwheel


    kiya and sydney looking cute on some broken film

    shot these on a deadstock slr680 that i broke in on this trip.

  6. at the moment;

    3 mile pilot- another desert, another sea

    deltron- 3030

    chokebore- black black

    ted leo/pharmacists- the tyranny of distance

    bjork- greatest hits(i know it's cheesey to have a greatest hits on a top five, but it's got all my favorites on it)

    crooked fingers- dignity and shame

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