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  1. heyas all, selling off a couple of clothes I no longer wear

    Top man trigger ultra skinny jeans

    32x32 no tears or rips on them.

    These are the skinny skinny jeans. I think fabric is also partly stretch as you can kind of stretch them (duh) lol


    Top man trigger skinny jeans in RED


    deep red colour

    again no rips or stains

    only used about 10 times


    Top man trigger skinny jeans in Purple


    more lke a dark violet colour

    used less than 10 times


    Top man ultra skinnies in white

    32x30 I believe (will double check all tomorrow)

    Worn ONCE. I tried them on and I felt fat in them (lol) so I put them away in the closet


    Top man polo shirt

    short sleeved

    Brown with white stripes


    Top man polo shirt

    Red with white stripes

    has those little buttons that you push together to lock. (kind of like strippers shirts lol)


    make offer on whatever.

    Items located in Australia,ACT but can post Australia wide and probably overseas.

    PM me here or for the locals just sms me at 0415901789

    I'll get pics up tomorrow

  2. Hi guys, i am the owner of the shoes and bags. And all of the items are currently located in Singapore. I bought the shoes and the bag from Yahoo Japan auction. The shoes are all brand new and as for the bag, i have only used it about 3 times when i went to to Tokyo so its pretty much still very new. The only thing that is wrong with the bag is that one of the leather straps that are attched to the zipper fell out and it's missing.

    Shoes go for $275USD shipped.

    Bag current high offer is $350USD but will seal the deal for $450USD shipped. I ship worldwide.

    I only accept payment with PayPal and no other form of payment.

    I will upload pics of the white Visvim Mayan and the inside tags for the bag.

    Please email all offers and questions to [email protected]

    Thanks guys.

  3. Ditto, im looking for that stuff if you've got anything in my size range. Drop by Greyone if you got a chance.

    PM me your number or something. I dont think it would go too well if I just came in chanting willkhitie. :-/

    this is the bag though




    Got more photos. just gotta re charge cam to upload more.

    here are the shoes. one of them atleast







    PS I think my friend works at Greyone now. Her name is Sam Dalrymple. lol if she is just have her message me so I can come by

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