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  1. I've said this so many times before this man will win the 3sixteen 120x contest. Hands down my favorite pair.

    thanks, there were so many other great pairs, I'll be happy to place

  2. I know I haven't posted in a while, but don't worry I've been wearing these Eternals down. No washes after the shrink yet, but I think I'll take a set of pictures before and after the wash to see if there's a difference. I'm just not sure if these jeans will hold up to a wash--the crotch is worn all the way through to the patch of 19 oz Samurai denim.

    Pics up soon :)

  3. Just snagged a growler of Allagash Big Little Beer. I think this is the best non-sour beer I've had from Allagash, really impressed with it. Reminds me of a citrusy/hoppy Duvel green. Cracking open a Rapture later, and possibly this year's Bitches Brew. Feels good to be on vacation :)

    Interested I hearing your opinion of Rapture

  4. eNzjel.jpg

    Couple of recent trades, including one with Shufon

    2010 Big Sky Ivan

    2008 FFF Behemoth

    2009 FFF Dark Lord

    2010 GL BA Blackout Stout

    2011 Hunahpu

    2011 Ithaca Brute

    2011 Cisco woods

    2011 GI Madame Rose

    2009 GI BCBS

    2002 and 2011 Westy 12

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