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  1. god dammit.

    my diabetic suitemate thought it would be an awesome idea to drink like 4 or 5 151 proof rum & cokes and now he's on the floor bootin out pasta n sausage all over the bathroom I cleaned two days ago.

    good thing I like him otherwise I'd be at my buddy's bday party right now. plus I'm the only person I know with diabetic experience.

    word up Friday nights.

  2. seriously

    felt great. I'm telling everyone as if I won a fist fight and defended my lady's honor or some shit.

    seriously, I had already gone the completely and utterly passive aggressive tract and he didn't get it. We all mentioned shit to him (my other two roommates) and he didn't get it. We tried being nice, and the fucker was just a bitch about it all. It's like he doesn't get that he's a huge useless tool. I talked to my RA the other night about getting him out of the room, cause I was planning on switching, but why should I leave if he's the problem?

    hope he gets the hint now and gets the fuck out.

  3. totally called out my roommate this morning about all the shitty things he does and how much of a fucking idiot he is. my girlfriend watched from my bed and was just laughing really quietly under the covers the whole time. Max wins.


  4. seeing shows here generally suck dude.

    It's like 1 in 10 shows thats good/tolerable to be in the crowd. Best venue in Manhattan is probably Bowery Ballroom, but only if you can get up to the balcony and chill. Otherwise yeah, shows aren't really worth the money spent.

    though I have gone to some great ones in NYC in the past couple months,.

    on that note - anyone going to ATP 2010? Stooges, Sleep, Mudhoney, and more playing Don't Look Back classics. I'm considering it.

  5. Did anybody here go to Parsons/St Martins/Royal Academy after completing their undergrad? I'm seriously considering it. I kinda regret my undergrad choice (even though its a good degree from a good school) but I'm only a year and a bit away from getting my degree so it would be stupid to drop out at this point.

    Do you still have to do all the crap foundation courses?

    talk to homi29

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