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  1. yeah, i can't tear him down on what a good player he is, but there is really no substance behind it if you ask me. theres nothing dark to him, theres no other dimension - he's just really good. it just seems very one-sided, he is an amazing guitarist, but theres nothing else too it than that. about a month or more ago, rolling stone did a guitar gods issue, living of course, and the cover was john frusciante, john mayer, and derek trucks. all amazing players, but only frusciante stood out. there was a video online at their website of the three jamming, and frusciante seemed to be the only one that wasn't trying to impress with massive licks or impeccable phrasing. he just played from a spot where he was comfortable, where he felt it, and where he knew he could come from. he wasn't trying to impress anyone like john mayer is. another thing that bothered me about that issue was how they left Josh Homme out! he's a living guitar god for sure, no one plays like him, and no one can touch his style with a ten foot pole

  2. back in the day, fleetwood mac took a lot of acid. peter green went crazy from this if i remember...

    anyways, if we're talking about the new school, including british blues and american white guy blues then:

    -mike bloomfield

    -jeff beck

    -jimmy page


    -robbie robertson (canadian, oh well)

    -pete townsend (better than you all will give him credit for)

    -alvin lee

    -jeremy spencer (who played alongside peter green in the original fleetwood mac)

    -johnny winter

    -taj mahal

    -ry cooder

    there are plenty of others, including the ever amazing jimi hendrix

  3. john mayall is OK in the least sense of it. the only acceptable albums that he did are bluesbreakers w/ eric clapton, and turning point. other than that he's pretty weak.

  4. blues is probably one of the most important forms of music. simple, yes, but probably the most evocative in my opinion. its just a very pure channeling of emotion into simple phrasing, repetition, and a sort of unpredictable sense of where the music is going to go, within the parameters of the form. blues is sorta the genesis of popular music from the hey-day on. rock and roll acts sought to mainstream it and deliver it in a much more boiled down form, and there isn't much "traditional" blues left too speak of, but most guitar based mediums since are progeny of blues, albeit hybrids.

  5. lightnin' hopkins

    sonny boy williamson

    blind lemon jefferson

    son house


    clarence "gatemouth" brown

    r.l. burnside

    howlin' wolf


    king of the delta blues - robert johnson

    muddy waters

    b.b. king

    blind willie johnson

    big bill bronzy

    charlie patton

    blind willie mctell

    memphis slim

    willie dixon

    jimmy reed (just like jimmy reed again...)

    freddie king

    albert king

    otis redding

    otis rush

    i can't think of any others, my itunes isn't open. i'm huge on the blues, its most of what i play, in one form or another. since i'm white, i gotta play it off like jack white does (which he does amazingly..) but its just blue-eyed soul for me, so i combine it with everything else i play. my advice would be to ge the book "history of the blues", its really informative, slow read, but its a good one.

  6. question: where in osaka or kyoko would be the best place to get flat head 3001's? i know someone who is over there right now and is willing to grab a pair for me depending on the cost/if he is able to.

    bump - if anyone can answer this question, that would be kewlllll.

  7. phase 1: success

    through security w/o any problem

    have to fly into atlanta and then to newark, so one more check to go

    good luck - if i were you, i'd find a hook up in NJ. i knew some kids, but their not in the princeton area, i'd drive it down to you... but considering today, and the fact that i'm getting some myself and i dont wanna make the 3 hr drive to make maybe $100... i'm good for now.

  8. Not really sure what you're talking about. The jeans are basically black. I guess its the light that makes them look almost grey.

    thats what i mean, there are shafts of light coming in from behind the camera that give the jeans this chopped look, but i can tell their a dark grey color. very nice, i'm deciding between a pair of dior's or a pair of FH 3001's. they both are looking very good right about now.

  9. question: where in osaka or kyoko would be the best place to get flat head 3001's? i know someone who is over there right now and is willing to grab a pair for me depending on the cost/if he is able to.

  10. I love them. They're so different from everyone else's chucks. In fact I'm gonna buy a pair of chucks and paint them like that.

    X-post from WAYWT:


    Black 19cm, size 27, about a month in.

    I'm 5'7-5'8, 125lbs for reference.

    is the denim contrast like that on yours, or is it just the light you're standing in? i'm confused and yet extremely intrigued.

  11. ^ theyll definately stretch, just depends how much room you prefer, personaly, if im wearing slim deanim i like to be able to tug the thigh just about a half inch or so away from my leg, still slim slim, but obviously theres space inbetween the two also, when i first put my flatheads on after the soak they were skin tight and accentuated my ass, looked like serious girls jeans, now after about a week, the waist is on my hip bones, the crotch/ass is more anti-fit, and the thighs have almost stretched to my ideal fit. another week and theyll be golden, im cold soaking whenever they get the second soak so its not so much of a wait until im in love with the fit, which i just about am right now, check my latest waywt if youd like, might be able to get a better idea

    check your latest what?

  12. Amps:

    1974 Marshall Super Lead

    my marshall is a repro of the late edition JTM45 from 69 - hendrix style. hows your super lead sound - must be a beauty. also PM me about any pedals you are getting rid of, i'm always interested in new stuff - thanks

  13. Most pairs of jeans that come in a single inseam come in 33-34, this includes stuff from Eternal, Sugarcane, Pure Blue Japan, Oni, 45rpm, damn near everyone. Stuff that comes in multiple inseams you can normally find in a 32 (Kicking Mule for example, or Nudie, or Rag & Bone, or 5EP).

    Anyway, I'm 6'0 but prefer an inseam greater than 34. I've narrowed my options to the following

    Samurai (36" post shrink)

    Somet (~35-36" sanforized)

    Skull (looks like some models come in a longer inseam)

    Paul Smith (MIJ is 36" post shrink, MIC is 35" sanforized, I think)

    Imperial (38" sanforized)

    Dior (think these are 38" sanforized too)

    APC (think these are 36" sanforized)

    May have missed some.

    FH say 36-37.5 in inseam on the SE site, depending on the waist. abaliwas - you cna always just get the jeans you want and like and bring them to a tailor (a GOOD tailor) to have them hemmed depending on how you want them to fit. its only like $15-$20 depending on where you go.

  14. Pain is your friend.

    hah, i can already tell. but sidneylo, you expect them to stretch? i guess i can run a few laps in them to break them early on, but i'm wondering if they'll stretch enough to give me some room

  15. http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml;$sessionid$BJ3PBNJX0PBSECRDSYOSFEQ?styleid=11436985&SectionID=7000

    is that the right thing - dark indigo - meaning unwashed denim - good price? - they come in 36's so thats always good... how is the fit on the 19, compared to the 21. i'm very unfamiliar with dior homme denim, can you tell?

    i'm afraid of dior homme because it usually costs so much, but its beautiful clothing. i didnt even know they made jeans until i started getting into raw denim etc.

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