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  1. Well, I love the Libertines, and I have some love for Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles - but really, is Pete Doherty an icon, or an accidental star? His song writing prowess is deep and vast, but are his drug addictions going to end up turning him into a glass of orange juice* or will he overcome them and return strong with more well constructed thoughtful songs? Was he really meant to become such a star, or was it just a matter of coincidence due to his taste in women (which is generally abhorent..), or is there something behind the heroin and crack? I had this conversation with my brother whose a devotee and he akins Mr. Doherty to a later-day Oscar Wilde, if not more theatric in his consumption exploits - what say you SuFu'ers? Icon or Accidental Star?


  2. jeep, you ought to try it out the 33 anyway; most people are finding the waist to be pretty big for what it's worth.

    so what you're implying is that the waist is much like how APC is sized - 33 is actually 1 or 2 sizes bigger? i don't know too much about april 77 except that they are doing a retro post-glam pseudo-punk look with most of their clothes (i like the suit.)

  3. I don't mean to sound like an asshole but if you need a 33 you aren't going to look good in these jeans, they're made for people with toothpick body types.

    i'm 6'7", slim as a rail, i generally only wear tight slim cut jeans - april 77 sparked my interest because their quite interesting and they seem to have a good thing going. i wear a 34-36 in most jeans, so i'm just wondering if they really don't make over a 33, its just a question.

  4. 3001's. I have a problem with the fact that imperials are now almost $300 when we all used to pay around $150ish when they didnt have a distributer.

    Seven carries april 77.

    well, im not gonna buy FH until i can try on a 34 and see how i fit in it, so if they ever make it to the east coast, id like to know... if you know of anywhere they have them on the east coast, please tell

    seven? link please?

  5. led zeppelin - bon-yr-aur stomp/tangerine/thank you/thats the way

    kings of leon - the bucket/talihina sky

    blur - sunday, sunday/you're so great

    lightnin' hopkins - lightnin'! (album)

    minutemen - double nickels on the dime (album)

    the replacements - i will dare/kiss me on the bus

    taj mahal - leavin' trunk

    the velvet underground - sweet jane

    the who - summertime blues

    the zutons - not a lot to do

    wilco - hate it here/war on war/a shot in the arm/heavy metal drummer/i'm a wheel/hummingbird

    t. rex - electric warrior (album)

    jimi hendrix experience - electric lady land (album)

    iggy pop - lust for life/the idiot (albums)

    gorillaz - demon days (album)

    eagles of death metal - peace, love, death metal (album)

    buena vista social club - chan chan/dos gardenias

    broken social scene - cause = time/almost crimes

    the breeders - fortunately gone

    brand new - your favorite weapon (album)

    ben kweller - family tree/lizzy

    anything by the beatles, or products of its members, seperate or as a whole

    the band - music from the big pink (album)

    theres a lot more, but thats my playlist so far.

  6. what is gross, however, is the taste. I really wish it tasted like the mcflurry.

    your the first woman who would want it to taste like a mcflurry. i'm sure most women would appreciate it.

    time to change my DNA so it tastes like it...

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