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  1. Servo, you ever consider doing the curly thing but then shaving it underneath so it has that sorta pop-off-your-head-quality that you seem to be looking for?

    or maybe do what George Hurley of the Minutemen did.

    that would be cool.

  2. yo, Koreans get pretty rowdy on the drink but that sounds pretty wild. I used to drink with some German guys in college and they were all fresh out of the BW too, and every night of drinking usually ended up with a smaller Korean American guy puking up blood and a trip to the ER.

    were you said smaller Korean guy... or was it winq?

  3. max are you together with that girl i met at rocky's party?

    did I meet you that night? I wasn't aware that there were a ton of sufu'ers at the party

    and there were a lot of girls there, including the one that I am currently seeing

    what girl, max?

    jessica, if you met her/remember her. asymmetrical haircut, wearing a khaki colored wool coat.

  4. ^ best feeling in the world when you're into music. i'm writing lyrics and when my friends find it cool and manage to find some riffs for it i feel better than ever.

    yesterday night, i was walking back to a party because i ran some errands, very drunk, and there was this guy face on the ground in the street. i thought he was just a bit drunk, but i couldn't wake him up. he was still breathing. i managed to call the emergency number and waited for the ambulance. he was in a coma. i've seen dudes being put in ambulance, but it wasn't me calling and doing all the shit.

    completly killed my mood this night, and i kept on drinking...

    to the first part of this - amen

    to the second - I had an almost similar experience the other night. One of my suitemates drank himself into a stupor the other night and passed out in the bathroom with the door locked. he was drinking 151 rum and the kid is a diabetic. I had to lock-pick the door to get it open, basically revive him and then watch over him for the next couple of hours until he had gotten it out of his system. I almost called the ambulance because despite my 15 years of living with a diabetic at home, I didn't know how to deal with a drunk diabetic who was blacking out. Once he got everything out of his stomach and I was able to get his blood-sugar up, everything was all right, but still, shit is scary. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to drink for a couple weeks so I couldn't drink away the stress, so instead I just got super high...

  5. just trying to install san andreas, got it installed but 1.00 is too buggy, hoping the patch won't overwrite the crack

    I had it running like 2 years ago on my PC and it was buggy as fuck. didn't really dig it that much and never finished it. oh well. :\

  6. so I've got mild-hypoglycemia, especially when I go for prolonged periods without eating. While my sister is a diabetic, I am not, but I'm wondering, since I quit smoking on the whole, is there anything I can consume aside from food to stave off hunger when I get the munchies or my blood sugar drops somewhat? I consume too many carbs on the whole, despite my size, and I just don't feel I need to eat so much.

    Also, I'm kinda sick of apples. I eat like between 2-4 a day.

    What are some good hold over consumables? Not necessarily food.

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