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  1. hmmm

    that's not the best pickup line sam

    but keeping in mind that he works at Trader Joe's, is he really gonna be able to provide for you? aside from groceries, doesn't sound like he's got much goin for him.

    just being the voice of reason here.

  2. oh fuck that, no normal polish people go to slyfox anymore. is olga still bartending there? i used to go there when i was your age, and then it was pretty cool.

    you should go to blue & gold but i don't know if they card.

    Olga covers for Irina when she goes out for a cigarette or to get food. Sly Fox is my joint if Sophie's is carding

    they card fucking HARD. every time. without fail.

    blue & gold has carded me before when I was with an older crowd and then I go with people my own age and no one got carded. But I'll be fucked if I'm gonna pay $5 for a beer that's room temperature.

  3. It's not about the crowd, though sometimes it is interesting. Russian/Ukrainian/Polish gangsters Monday and Tuesday nights, drunks on Wednesday, and then the regulars Thursday-Sunday

    you've probably been considering it's in your backyard..

  4. I just smoked

    now watching Vozvrashcheniye

    shits heavy

    good birthday thus far

    working on getting things back on with the girlfriend

    whatever that means

    Tates cookies are king.

    got a new iPod.

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