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  1. hey all

    I have for sale a pair of Japanese Evisus that I purchased from BiG earlier this year. They have been worn a total of 3 times, after which I gave them a cold soak and decided that they're just a tad small for me. They are marked as a 32x35 but fit significantly smaller - especially after they were soaked. The only sign of wear is a slight mark from the buckle of my SDA wallet on the left rear pocket and some creases w/ no fading.

    I don't currently have any pictures as I just moved and haven't unpacked a thing yet. Your best bet is to send me a PM come check them out yourself if you're local. I will get pictures within the next few days if they don't sell quickly. Located in Southern California - preference will be given to local buyers.

    why pay $350 + shipping from BiG when you can buy these barely used jeans more than a hundred less.

    Price: $250 US Dollars + shipping if applicable. Hopefully another Sufuer will pick these up from me and enjoy them.

    Have a good day

    - Alex

  2. Californians: Got a question for you. I just moved to SoCal and I'm looking to get a medical card. Does anyone know if I have to be established as a CA resident before I can do this? I haven't gotten a CA drivers license yet - just wondering if I'll be wasting my time trying to get a card or not. Its killing me being in CA where I know there is dank bud everywhere - I just don't know anywhere to find it!

  3. lots of beamers on this board...

    first car: 2002 nissan sentra se-r

    current car: 2007 bmw 328xi

    fyi its spelled bimmer when you're referring to a car and beamer when you're referring to a motorcycle.don't ask me why because i don't know why either, just don't fight it. ;)

  4. my friend and i are high as fuck and we are having an argument over if anyone has ever been murdered in a haunted house and wanted to know if you think its happened before? because we think it would be a good place to kill somebody.

    i think maybe it has, but i dont wanna know cause i want to go to a haunted house during halloween time.

    ok, ty :)

    sorry, my lawyer advised me against giving information out about ongoing investigations. ;)

  5. the #2000 no 1s definitely feel a little smaller than what they're listed on BiGs website. i initially thought that these size 32s might be too big but i can barely fit into them pre-soak. i guess i'm going to cold soak them and wear them while they're damp to try to stretch out the waist as much as possible and go from there..

  6. got into a fight last night.

    this drunk white bitch was hassling this homeless dude. i told her to show her tits or gtfo, like how that one artificialguy always say. she said some stupid shit, so i told her to suck my dick. she got belligerent and all up in my personal space. so i deemd it necessary to give her a little push which caused her to fall and trip over the unconscious spread eagled bum. she tried to take a couple of swings at me, but i was able to dodge them since she was all fucked up. was too many people around...should have knocked drunk white bitch out, raped, killed and left the body in a pineapple patch.

    thats definitely not a fight.

  7. 73 BMW 2002 Turbo


    BMW 507


    koenigsegg ccx


    2 e30 m3s. one sport evo and one us model. us model would have euro e36 m3 drivetrain whereas the sport evo would stay stock. these are both evos, but you get the idea. evo would be red us spec would be schwarz.


  8. Another anteater here -- UCI '09

    Sling and Stones Rachel in synthetic indigo

    Sling and Stones Rachel in veggie wash

    Goodsociety Straight

    soon to come Somet 018's :]

    dang, lot of you from irvine. you might have class with my uncle, hes a professor there.

  9. we got my friends girlfriend's chinchilla high once-- it just did some stupid shit in it's cage and started eating for a while and was fine in like a couple hours.

    Shit, we've been blazing out my friend's cat for years, he loves it. Hes kinda fucked up though because he got into my buddies 2CI as a kitten and now hes some sort of kitty crackhead. he either runs around like crazy or sleeps, thats it. on or off.

  10. how does the fitment run on the #2000 No.1 that BiG is selling? i have a natural waist of ~31 and ordered a pair of 32s from BiG hoping that after shrink/stretch they should be about right. do these really shrink the whole 2.5 inches that BiG claims? the only other remotely close size available is a 29 and i'm thinking that would be way too small. any help here? i wear a 31 in eternal 811 (fairly loose) and 29 in warehouse 660 if that helps at all.

  11. i am down for onis blue since people say they have unbelievable denim. But does oni blue vedge compare to sugar cane okinawas? out of all the denim i have the okinawas have really nice denim.



    sugar cane




    I'd buy another pair of eternals for a contest in a heartbeat. Now they actually come in a nice inseam too. :eek:

  12. Sour OG is a great strain but it comes out differently depending on where it comes from (maybe for some people this fact is obvious).

    Headband is another great strain of this type. It's OG x Sour diesel but supposedly crossed again? I am not sure.

    I also just got some excellent OG WRECK (og x trainwreck) which is some holy grail shit when it comes to my personal tastes. It has that vitamin D note that trainwreck has, but then it also tastes like a OG type Kafiristanica Too bad I smoked it all.

    I'm missing out on all these cool crosses living on the east coast. :( We generally only get the more generic headies here. (Jack Herer, 4 way, trainwreck, northern lights, silver pearl etc.)

  13. i hate faggots who fuck with my car. i live in a tame ass neighborhood full of young families and old people and every time some bad shit goes down its a hispanic dude who probably wandered in from the apartments just outside of our neighborhood. if i wasn't so blunted i might have been able to catch him and introduce him to my baseball bat.

  14. I gots some fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    OG Kush / Sour Diesel hybrid. Yezzziiiiiiiirrrrrr, straight from Humboldt.

    Any chance of a picture? Those are two of my top 5 favorite strains - I'd love to see what the cross looks like. I might be in southern california in august who can I send a PM for a hook up? lulz Normally I just cop from my sister's friends but she'll still be in central america.

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