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  1. I have a pair of the dark grey T-000s in W31 L32 that I would be willing to trade for in W32. They're a bit too tight on me, and I've only worn them a couple times. If anyone's interested, just send me a pm! :)

  2. Anyone have a frame between 50-53cm for sale? I'm in Vancouver and I can't find anything worth buying on Craigslist, or on local bike forums.

    I'm looking for something around $300, thanks.

  3. Not 100% sure if I want to sell these, but I will if you meet my asking price.

    They've been worn 3 times, and are in great condition. Also, the sole inside is practically new as I wore them with an extra insole inside.

    These come with white laces as well, and the original box.

    I'm asking for $300 USD + shipping








  4. I've been on the search forever for a tee that satisfies all 5 of these conditions:

    1) White

    2) Slim

    3) Long

    4) Opaque(read: can't make out nipples in daylight)

    5) U-neck

    So far Uniqlo has come the closest to getting it right but they only had crewnecks and v-necks.

    W+H U-necks will probably fit the bill. From what I remember, someone is selling a white W+H U-neck for around 20 bucks on the Supermarket.

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