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  1. i didnt notice anything being said about the football tops and apache, were they available? if so, howd they look?
  2. can i get fit pics on the skulls?
  3. la was pretty dry, nothing really there. anyone have any "go to hell" pins they dont want/need/want to sell?
  4. supreme london?
  5. so does this mean that the blacks would never fade like the indigos? or is the process just prolonged?
  6. does anyone know why the black 5010s do not fade like the indigo? would the "cheese" dying have anything to do with it?
  7. im sure this has been addressed multiple times, but anyways.... i wear apc nc size 32, and about a 34 in every other pants, a 5010 size 33 would fit, correct?
  8. anyone pick up the champion coach? if so, tell me about it.
  9. anyone have anything from thomas hooper?
  10. no coach jacket? how was the gth trucker? anyone take a look at it?
  11. okay awesome, its just a single pocket, or multiple?
  12. @ajchen and anyone else who owns a tanner cardholder about how many plastic cards can tanners card holder hold? are you satisfied with it?
  13. navy. whats the measurements on the T-000?
  14. is anyone familiar with the zak key ring holders? im looking to get the ZT 55. heres the web site http://www.zaktool.com/keyring.html#