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  1. They could do pretty well in the east, that's no question. They match up pretty well against both Boston and the Heat (though the Heat getting upset by the NYK is appealing as well). Against the Lakers though? They split the season series, as they did against the Spurs, but I don't see it. They are the fun darkhorse this year, in the same way the Thunder are, as the Suns have been for the past five years.

  2. The great irony of the topic's first post is that Common made that song in 1994 complaining about the state of hip hop, in what is now considered one of hip hop's finest year. This cycle of "it ain't what it used to be" is hilariously predictable, and picking 2005 (of all years) shows how little you know about the genre. Hip Hop is best at whatever point you are able to dig deep and find the great rappers of that time point. For example, will time remember Freddie Gibbs or Blu for that matter?

  3. I brought my macbook in to the apple store because the internal LCD stopped working.

    It's only running linux.

    They shat themselves in terror and insisted that I send the POS to <drumroll please> cupertino, ca where apple would replace the LCD and FORCIBLY install MacOS back on my machine and that I would need to back up my own shit first.

    Needless to say I didn't do that.

    Long story short, does anyone happen to have a nonfunctional mac book 15" with a non-damaged LCD?

    Why not plug it into some other monitor, and install OSX for the time being so apple will service it?

  4. That T-Mac performance will be enough to put him in the Hall Of Fame (on a slow year).

    Went to the Raptors vs. The Bobcats game last night (free ticket), and wow both teams are awful, but the Raptors are so bad they make Gerald Wallace and Tyrus Thomas look like all stars.

  5. tumblr_lbbrzcEI7y1qct2dmo1_500.jpg

    Here's a mix of kind of bummer music that I've been listening to as come home from the library at night.

    Here's the track listing (hopefully it appears this way when you put it into iTunes)

    Lately (Deuxième) — Memoryhouse

    Shadows — Warpaint

    I Don’t Believe In You — Talk Talk

    This Night Has Opened My Eyes — The Smiths

    Ceremony — Galaxie 500

    Harvest Moon — Elliott Smith

    This Time Dad, You’re Wrong — Arthur Russell

    Untitled — Julian Lynch

    my life, my swag — jj

    French Vacation — The Walkmen

    Wind Speaks — Mount Eerie

    Pessimist — Wild Nothing

    Ready For The World — How to Dress Well

    Was — Vincent Gallo

    Like Someone In Love — Björk

  6. are you console fps players been console fps your whole life? coming from q/q2 etc honestly it blows my mind how anyone can aim. i still suck at goldeneye. fuck playing with your thumbs, too.

    They are so much easier on consoles, at least online. Back in my CS days, the competition was usually pretty stiff on most servers, because wasd and a good mouse allows for such a high level of skill. People are so accurate and movement is easier in my opinion.

    Do people in general still play CS:Source? or 1.6 for the matter? I imagine there is still a hardcore fanbase with steam and everything making it relatively easy to play, but are they still the go-to shooters for the PC?

  7. Big late pass, but I played through Half-life 2 recently, and really loved it. I played through the first half hour a couple times and never got hooked but stuck with it and it's now one of my favourite games ever, I think. The pacing is incredible. Beat episode 1 too quick. Now waiting for episode 2 and portal to finish downloading. After that I'm going to see if I can find a working version of baldur's gate 2 or Rome: Total War for Mac. Those will be bigger/longer time commitments I imagine, after which there won't be too many of "the greatest modern PC games" for me to play through.

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