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  1. Cheapest place to buy some sturdy (read: no vans or cons) black sneakers for under $70 with tax? Nikes, NBs, whatever. If anyone has something like that in size 10, let me know. (There are options on ebay that are upsettingly ugly, but that's it).

  2. Means nothing.

    Oh really? Then why has it been predictive of almost every playoff series thus far. In the east: every team that majority of games against their first round opponents during the regular season. In the West (probably because there is more talent period, and not just in the top 5 teams) LA and OKC both won the majority of their games against their first round opponent, while Dallas and SAS tied. Interestingly, Dallas was the one team to come closest to decisively breaking this trend.

    While it isn't quite determinate, much can be gleaned from it. For example, it was why I predicated, and wasn't therefore shocked when Dallas got upset by Golden State.

  3. WTF, really tired of this new bunch of blind posters who bought New Balances, I bet they'll be real ashamed when a new technology restores their vision. It's not because something is in men's non-no that it doesn't suck.

    And so the New Balance backlash begins.

  4. How many more tickets went up? That's crazy how fast they went

    About 500.

    Honestly, my take on this situation is that it really is a matter of Hypebeast-ery for those seeking tickets, myself included. I've been following Odd Future since last September (thanks Noz) and while I like them, and think they'll do interesting places, the interest is this concert is beyond levels of absurd. While the show may be fun, how many hip hop acts have been around for way longer, and are objectively way, way better live, let alone have very large catalogues of songs from which to draw from. For example, a ticket to see Mobb Deep in Oshawa or Hamilton was $17 back in 2006 (before P went to Jail). This was one of Hip Hop's greatest groups (albeit perhaps at an all time low in their careers) with 2-3 classic albums, and over 16 years of performance experience (though you probably couldn't pay to go to Oshawa, but still).

    The attention that OF is getting has reached a level of self-perpetuation where people feel as though they are missing because of the amount of interest that they are getting, which just furthers the attention. Having tickets is an issue of being "in". People who never really fuck with harder hip hop are buying tickets because of the inflated value. The question is, when, if ever, will this bubble burst?

  5. 1. Friends who don't bring their own controllers.

    2. Kids who obviously don't do many sleepovers, and get annoyed when they can't get to sleep before midnight

    3. The one guy who gets way too hyper on caffeine and jumps around a lot.

    4. Kids who stick skittles up your nose when you are asleep

    5. Girls

  6. Celtics/Heat is going to be such a great series. Both teams is hungry, but I have a feeling Lebron will be very unhappy at the end of it.

    Then again, Celtics-Chicago in the eastern final? Remember how entertaining it was two years ago, with a much weaker Bulls, and arguably stronger Celtics?

  7. You wrong about that atrak- Knicks are a strong opponent, and the Celtics, well they get kinda lazy in the early games of a playoff series.

    Miami may be dominating Philly, but I am sure they are very concerned about playing Boston next round. Bosh is pretty much useless against them, and Wade's health is obviously still an issue.

    If I am Chicago, I'm hoping that the Hawks upset the Magic (a real possibility, and my predicted outcome), because they are way better match. Chicago is a cool team, and Rose is dope, but it's worth noting how much trouble the Pacers have gave them.

    The east is pretty wide open right now. While there is no chance of any of the bottom three seeds upsetting, like there is in the West, there is still no sure bet for who is going to come out on top at all.

  8. Dallas got lucky facing the Blazers though, who are the only part of the latter half of seeds on the westcoast that were arguably overrated. I actually think they would be more likely to lose to N'Orleans (who beat them pretty handily through the season, if I recall correctly).

    Ray Allen will forever be amazing to watch. Knicks fell apart hard.

  9. Just calling it like it is: not really warm out.

    Also, speaking of NOW, I saw an ad in the Rob Ford Nudez issue for The Bay's new designer menswear buy, including brands like BoO, Drkshdw, OC, Klaxion Howl, etc.

    Kinda strange, but good looks for all involved in a way. Sales might be good, too.

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