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  1. Hey guys, how's biking in NYC? I'm moving there in a month or so for about six months, and wondering whether to bring my bike down.

    How's traffic? Theft? Laws? General biking conditions?

    On one hand, I feel like bringing my bike down might be a hassle; on the other hand, walking everywhere seems silly.

    I am sorry if this has been discussed in this thread before, but it wouldn't have been the type of thing I'd notice (till now).

  2. Unlike certain other shows that should call it quits *cough* Mad Men *cough*, I wish Breaking Bad would go on forever. It's the most enjoyable show on TV right now by a mile, to me.

    I have a theory about how it's going to end up: (slight potential spoilers) with Jesse and Walt as drug lords, or villains in their own right. They've been getting darker, and darker, and are experiencing more and more traumas to harden them up. I wonder if they will eventually take over from Gus somehow. Jesse looked at Gus with murder in his eyes. Just an idea, but I could see that being the direction, since their immoral indulgences keep growing.

  3. 1. Ibuprofen the night before and when I wake up.

    2. Sleep (obvious)

    3. Weed (if I have any, and have nothing to do, but kills the headache and nausea)

    4. Tacos (Salty and delicious)

    5. Gatorade (Hydrates, and replenishes electrolytes)

    6. Sweating (gets the toxins out)

    7. Movies (distracts me from the unpleasantness)

    8. Hot showers (gets the blood flowing)

  4. I don't think anyone should get it twisted. With the exception of perhaps yourself cheep, the occasional deviator like Will.17, as seen a couple pages ago, this site has always been about brands, whether in 2005 (Supreme, SBs + Bape, or whatever) or 2011 (many more variations).

  5. Always got love for both

    But obviously being a clippers fan is fuckin frustrating..

    I'm guessing TO fans can relate


    The difference is that the Clippers are cursed, and Toronto is doomed.

    The Clippers have the worst luck, and terrible things prevent them from being good, despite seeing some talent. Theoretically the Clippers will win a championship eventually, once they get better management and coaching staff (Vinny Del Negro is the most inept man in the NBA).

    Toronto, on the other hand, will never win a championship, because people just don't want to play there. Canada is a long way from home for most of these kids from the states, who make less money, and have to deal with cold ass winters. Even when we have had talent, they haven't liked playing here, despite the avid fanbase. We are strange market, in that it's pretty big being Canada's only team, as well getting top five ticket sales, but we still suffer from small market attention from the NBA in general. You can see the bias on the NBA's website: if the Raptor's upset a top team, it won't necessarily be a top story, whereas it might for Clippers or the Nets.

    Our GM, Colangelo, seems to realize that American, mostly black dudes don't like it, here, and thus favours Europeans, hoping to get another Dirk or Gasol, yet the realities for every Dirk in the euro-league, there are many more mediocre players.

    I've always liked underdog teams in general, and I'll continue to support both teams, but I have no illusions about Toronto's future. Right now my hopes are modest. Perhaps we can play team-focused ball like Memphis, but I doubt it, because their success was due to Zach Randolph's renewed energy and vigour, which is not a likely scenario for us with a player like him.

  6. I say go with your instinct. The great thing about being employed by relatives is that they have to forgive you with time. What I'd do is talk to your uncle directly and explain why the non-profit would be better for you. That would show integrity, and that's always respected, even if it's not appreciated at the time.

  7. Nah, support the Clippers. Fuck the Lakers forever.

    But as of right now, fuck the Heat more so.

    Most people hate the Heat because of Lebron, and the way he did the whole Cleveland thing, and his general persona. Toronto fans hate the Heat because Bosh left without us getting anything for him. Chicago hate the Heat because Wade chose to stay there instead of coming back to his home city to play with Rose and create a new dynasty. Generally though, I think most people hate Lebron.

  8. Easiest way to make a mix on a laptop? Anything better than ableton? I'm talking just fading from one song into another, nothing fancy.

  9. Toronto is, overall a very good city, one that I'd definitely recommend you come visit sometime in your life!


    - ethnic diversity. Some of you whitewashers may complain about the lack of Swiss Chalet's and TGI Friday's to eat at in the downtown, but if you prefer quality shawarma, dumplings, pho, kimchi & bi bim bap, udon noodles, sushi, jerk chicken, mexican food (all of it), ethiopian cuisine, and basically every other culture that has food superior to the American kind (not including Canada, we made maple syrup and poutine, TYVM), you will love the cheap, world-class food options here. And there's a community for everyone if you're a foreigner to help get shown around.

    - it's a very photogenic, beautiful city. Seriously, you can pick a subway stop to get off of anywhere in central or northern parts of the city and almost always find something interesting to take a picture of. And we have really interesting architecture. Excluding those awful glass box condos. Too 90s bland.

    - Great clothing store options, both swagged and vintage. Excellent community of people that surround them too. I've only felt looked down at really while going through Holt Renfrew. Everyone else is courteous and pretty damn pleasant.

    - People are genuinely nice here, compared to some of the attitude you might get in Paris or NYC.

    - Fairly accessible via transit, but it needs to expand a ton to compete with the other big cities of the world.


    - Weather. If you've never experienced a Canadian winter, you will in Toronto November-April. The smog gets pretty bad in the summertime.

    - You have to be "in the know" a bit to find out what's really going on, though i suppose that's a downfall of every major city.

    - It's getting a lot more expensive than it used to be. (see: produce, gas, everything fun worth going out to)

    I really disagree with you about your "pros" for Toronto (at least for downtown/Toronto proper).

    Ethnic diversity: I wouldn't say downtown has this as much as one would like to think. While the cuisine is diverse, gentrification has pushed what were formally ethnic neighborhoods of various kinds outward at rapid speeds. The reality is that people coming downtown to make your Pho or Ethiopean are commuting for an hour and a half to do so. Compared to many cities, Toronto is obviously a rainbow of diversity and blah-blah, but I would say it's not an area for self-congratulatory pats-on-the-back (though the university campuses do perhaps count for something for your case).

    Beautiful city: I actually think Toronto is the least photogenic city in the world, relative to its cultural status, and not what I'd call a beautiful place. It's not old enough, nor green enough (though it's pretty damn green today), to hold a candle to most places that deserve those types of titles (Vancouver and Montreal, for example). Our architechture ranges from good/great (uoft, AGO) in small amounts, to shortsightedly terrible (the cookie-cutter condos that are lining lakeshore). We have a few decent parks, but they really don't compare, again, to those in really great cities.

    Shopping: Way better than it was a few years ago, but the mark-ups/hustles of the owners prevent me from ever buying anything. I respect their intentions, but $200 for an APC shirt from Nomad (which is the store with the best value in town imho) is a shitty consequence of the import fees which prohibit it.

    Nice people: I think Toronto people are often cold, pretentious, and status-driven. While obviously this is a matter of subjective experience, and I've met many nice people in my six years here, the cultural anxiety of status that the city seeps into people's general demeanours toward strangers, so that there is a lot of silent judging that occurs, preventing contact. Girls are stuck-up unless you have a friend in-common (though I don't blame them because of the hassles they receive from too-friendly out-of-towners who are just there for the day/night).

    Transit: expensive, run by a too-powerful union, and with a mayor who has no interest in it, its one of Toronto's weakest points.

    I respect your opinions, but here are what I think are the real pros and cons.

    Food: If you know where to look, there is great food all over downtown at various price points. Bahn-mi, pho, and dumplings, or quail eggs and terrine, Toronto has really stepped up its game in the last ten years. Even its Mexican has got better. There are also really good places to buy groceries in much of downtown.

    Dive bars: While clubbing is atrocious, there are plenty of dirty bars with good music and cheap drinks to go to with your friends.

    Re: other Toronto nightlife: you really have to work at it (and I mean have friends who have solid connections to stuff) to find good parties. It takes a while, but they are good.

    Good music: Lots of good bands, and decent places to see them, especially if you don't like rap, and considering the border hassles, it's pretty good.

    Safe: Toronto is incredibly safe for the most part, and you rarely hear of break-ins, muggings, and what not. The murder rate has gone down almost consistently for over twenty years. I never feel scared walking around alone at night.

    Strong economy: Toronto survived the recession that hit much of the rest of the world very well, and there is lots of opportunity here in a variety of sectors.

    Good hospitals/schools/first world infrastructure: The type of things that you don't notice/care about until they are all too relevant.


    Rent is expensive, bars close at 2, the people from the surrounding areas of the city come here and fuck shit up, traffic can be brutal, winter is awful.

    Above of all though, I find Toronto to be pretty uninspiring. It's very comfortable as far as city living goes in many ways, but in my mid-twenties, I'm not sure that's really what I want.

  10. got told to pull up my apcs walking into brunswick house like a month ago

    i was far from sagging

    dress code in effect! faggots

    Did you rape anyone while you were there? They were probably just trying to let you know what kind of place you had entered.

  11. anyone been to Menchie's for ice cream??

    Menchies is frozen yogurt. It's subtly expensive, but kinda fun. It's the opposite of gourmet, but not the type of shit worth being gourmet about.

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