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  1. One thing to take into consideration: Living close to wherever you have to commute to till actually affect your life more than anything. Apparently every ten minutes your commute takes, you lose 10% of your social life. Also, living on a quiet street subconsciously reduces stress. [/psychology]

    That said: The Annex is very nice and safe, but stay away from any of the areas close to UofT. They are all overpriced because there are tens of thousands of students trying to live around there so the rent is inflated. Kensington is a nice hood to live in, though a bit barren transportation-wise (fuck street cars). I live at Bloor and Christie and love it, though my rent ain't that cheap ($1400 for two bedrooms) but it does feel like two one bedroom apartments with a shared kitchen and living room. The area is great for transportation, food, and quietness.

    I like Dundas, Bloor, and College west of Ossington a lot. You get decent rent, nice neighborhoods, and good bars. However, it is kinda far from anything really downtown (universities, jobs, etc.)

  2. I guess because I find going to the gym and working out a little daunting, especially when I am already feeling lethargic. I feel like if I got into something routine and fun, like a sport or something, I'd be better off.

  3. Anyone have any ways of getting regular exercise in Toronto, through the winter? Apparently it's going to solve all the problems of my life, according to my doctor.

    EDIT: I might start going to Toronto BJJ since it's so close to my house. However paying $900 a year when I have free gym membership at UofT seems steep. Hmmm.

  4. in athletic shoes, i'm pretty much a US10 across the board. US9.5 in chuck taylors being a notable exception.

    will this typically make me a 42 or 43 in designer shoes/sneakers?

    Depends on how you like your shoes to fit. Personally I wear a 9.5 in chucks and a 43 in CPs (which as you know is the same sole as Lanvin, Raf, Ys, etc.). Some people swear by going down a whole size, but I find it uncomfortable.

  5. Clipse's resurgent popularity was related to Pitchfork in my opinion. Sean Fennessey opened the door for them at a time when I don't think I'd ever seen Pitchfork review mixtapes. I remember when I saw a link to the video of them at the shooting range and I was like "wow, I remember them sorta". It does make sense that the Clipse are critical darlings, they are technically strong with accessible credibility.

    Nesk, that dipset claim is ridiculous. Dipset were the trashy hood favourite post-G-Unit. Pitchfork liked Purple Haze as did other publications, but they never really fucked with Juelz or Jimmy, who probably did more for the popularity of the Dips in the latter part of this decade.

    No one wants to admit it, but Clipse's popularity with hipsters (whatever that means) as Wu-tang's popularity with the same people. It's because it's good music which tells an emotive narrative. After all, they both coke-rap (not all of Wu, but a large part of it).

    I don't know if you could say that Clipse started "coke-rap" per se, but I don't know if that term was around before them either. Talking about cocaine in rap goes way back of

    But, they definitely re-started a trend, or reinvented it, and even Rae and Ghost became more explicit in their descriptions of hustling than ever they were in the nineties.

    The light demeanor on their new album probably has to do with the fact that they are like 36 now.

  6. How the fuck does anyone live on anything near minimum wage in a big city? I make twice the minimum wage an hour and still find it really hard to save anything for the future, and I don't even pay my fucking rent. Meanwhile I'm trying to save $16000 for school in the future. No doubt there are times where I've been irresponsible with my money in my past, but now that I am watching my friends start the beginnings of careers, I feel as though I should start being more responsible about my life.

    When rich people preach about how poor people deserve what they have, it infuriates me. The reality is that most people don't change social class: everyone is irresponsible and makes mistakes sometimes; the difference is that poor people have little-to-no safety net.

  7. Yo, start working out dude. That helps a lot. I used to be in that cycle, but work keeps it so I go sleep by 3, at least. I've been realizing the benefit of going to bed early recently, though I seldom commit to it.

    P.S. let me know if you need ritalin. I owe you.

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