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  1. Okay. Went today. A true sample sale. Everything was pretty much model size (size 32-34 pants, M-L jackets, shirts, and sweaters). Prices were quite good (trousers from 60-120, blazers and jackets from 160-240).

  2. what is real estate looking like these days?

    planning to head out east in november, currently looking for a studio/apartment. have a budget of 1500-2000, can anyone recommend me some spots/neighborhoods? not looking for anything boss but also not looking for anything poor.

    At that amount you can probably go most places except Tribeca/West Village/Soho (unless you get lucky). Depends on what you are looking for. If you want space, go Brooklyn or Queens. If you want proximity to nightlife, go East Village/Lower East Side

  3. This sounds like the rationale that results in a parties with a lot of dudes who believe are more knowledgable/enthusiastic about a genre than everyone else in the room and pretty much no girls. see Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Minimal Techno

    I generally play for bottle service clubs with patrons are not super adventurous outside of their Top 40 world. They've never been to a warehouse party or Ibiza and pronounce Deadmau5 as "Deadmao." Getting hot chicks to go buck wild to Bloody Beetroots or a hard dubstep beat in my set requires that I work in and out of more accessible commercial sounds.

    Here in Toronto, actually, there is a very popular Dubstep night that reaches capacity early and is full of CWGs. Drum and Bass, and minimal techno fills warehouses in Europe, still, I'm pretty sure.

    Regardless, I don't mean musical knowledge as in posterity (are there even music nerds who still shun pop music?). Rather, it's a matter of finding good obscure music that people don't hear everywhere they go.

    Yet I appreciate that you do what you do, and do it well, and there is a place for that. At the same time, I can't really respect it beyond that.

    Honestly, I'm pretty bored of playing to the crowd so that people know what they are hearing and I don't even DJ very much anymore. How do you keep up your interest? Do you legitimately like LMFAO?

  4. you seem like a good enough DJ and probably live a fun life playing music for people in Japan, but ugh this shit is rife with cliches and encapsulates everything i hate about music played in clubs.

    UGH fuck DJs for the most part, all these people seem to do is perpetuate the cycle of bad music getting played over and over again. how u gonna win a DJ competition in Japan and end your set with house of pain? that's seriously the same shit i could expect to hear at some empty club-bar hybrid on a tuesday night, today or 12 years ago. I don't give a fuck if you mixed it perfectly with jason derulo, i hate everything about it. I'm sure the club was full of zombies dancing away and flipping shit because they heard something familiar.

    The reason why DJing, for the most part (there are obviously some very notable exceptions) is a low art form is because the success of the act is based on its immediate, very superficial reception so much of the time. Playing that obnoxious clubby-post Diplo shit will get you a night at a club way faster than having a extensive knowledge of a genre.

  5. My macbook is no longer recognizing my external HD. When I plug the USB cord in (it's externally powered) the light comes on, so the external knows it is inside. However, the icon no longer shows up in the finder, in disk utility, or system profiler. I've had it for almost exactly two years, and it has worked fine till now. I've switched the cables, and that did nothing. I don't want to buy disk warrior, unless I have to. I tried plugging the HD into my GF's macbook, and it was the same (though since I've saved my time machine back-ups on there, I wonder if it would work anyway). Anyway, any help would be wonderful. I'd rather get the data off it then return it/format it.

  6. Man I love zombies and TV, and I don't know how you guys can watch this show. Even watching that trailer pissed me off.

    Here's how I'd fix it:

    *Instead of the characters splitting up because they are sad, kill them off

    *Have more action than tepid character development: for example, that scene where they notice a horde of zombies on the freeway? Don't have them hide under cars. Get some people to run, have others shoot, and still others run them over with trucks and whatnot.

    *Be honest with yourself: you have a golden opportunity to start again. It makes sense that old people and dumb, scaredy cat women would die off in a zombie apocalypse. Kill off everyone but the hick, the azn, the main cop, and his son. Have them meet some female characters who deserve to survive the apocalypse.

    * Let the characters have some more scenes of them having fun in a lawless world. "Oh wow that guy drove a car fast". How about people doing drugs and shooting stuff? Or driving to the richest suburbs of Georgia to raid the mansions's wine cellars. Stuff like that

    * For that matter, more shooting in general. Your channel has a show called Breaking Bad on it. Watch it, and learn how dark you can be. Stress makes people compromise their morality.

    * Write better dialogue.

    *Maybe write off the last couple episodes of season one as being "all a dream", because they sucked ass.

  7. I was talking to my friend yesterday who said the show might end after the 5th season. I said that 4th season would be walt vs gus and then 5th season is walt in charge vs jesse cause he finds out he let his old gf die like that, and it all ends with walt getting killed

    Not bad. Only thing is, I could see Walt either not dying, or the Cancer coming back. Actually, it'll probably be his inevitable confrontation with Hank. You are probably right that Jesse is going to find out about Walt's involvement in the death of Jane.

    Another imaginable outcome is that Skylar and Walt Jr. are killed, but Walt lives. No matter what, it'll end as a tragedy.

    I heard a theory from a friend that could be whats happening. That Mike has already killed Gus and isnt telling anyone yet. Remember Mike had a little blood on his sleeve at the diner that he wiped off with a napkin ? Also he made a phone call to Walt as he was going to Gus' house .... also he told him that he would never see Gus again

    Also interesting. Though I'm not so sure. MIke is a very good soldier, but unless he was working for someone else, I doubt he'd go as far as to kill Gus. I could be wrong, though, because your theory does work re: the blood on the sleeve. On the other hand, why would Mike beat up Walt if Gus was already dead? Still, this is a strong idea.

    One thing that has to happen at some point, is for Walt to gain access to a new means of distribution. He isn't enough of a tyrant/sociopath to control the drug trade like Gus does.

  8. I'd burg up with you (||) if I didn't have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow, holleur next time though mayne

    padmapper is the best one I found. The non-craigslist listings on padmapper are generally scams though. What's your budget/ how long are you staying

    Around $1500, six months. I found this site nyhabitat; going to see if they give me any good options. Hopefully we'll get lucky; if not we'll start with a one months, and go from there.

  9. Any advice about subletting? Due to your city's draconian tenancy rules, my girlfriend and I will be looking for lease-less accommodation come September. The NY real estate/rent market is a jungle it seems. Using padmapper/clist, and coming to the city in the middle of the month for a few days to see places. Any scams to avoid? Websites that are better than craigslist? Know someone looking to unload their apartment for a few months this fall/winter? Any help will be repaid in beers in the future.

  10. Been riding in the French alps on my bike.

    Fuck alpine ascents and tour routes without the use of clips.

    i know the #firstworldproblems hashtag is played out, but damn.

  11. Toronto biking can be pretty hectic. Definitely do not live in Suburbia. I would say from my experience of NY, most of the areas where I bike are like Brooklyn (lots of side streets), while downtown can be very similar to what I imagine Manhattan to be like.

    Toronto has also been known for being the bike theft capital of the world.

    However these are things I'm used to. Even though they are the same issues, I wonder how they'll feel when I get there.

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