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  1. Noob question: if I have a photo of a tattoo I like, what would be the most efficient way to identify the artist behind it? I've tried reverse-googleimage searching it, but to no avail

  2. i'd appreciate some help and suggestions for looking for apartments in nyc. i'm going to be there for the summer (may to august) for an internship. don't really know much about housing. any suggestions on where to find housings/reliable sources would be great. looking for a place downtown or close to it. i'm not too picky but still would like a nice place that isn't too dingy and broken down and affordable would be great. just a small place, bachelor/one room. also willing to room with others.

    Craigslist sublet, don't sign a lease because you can't get out of it. You're not going to find a one-bedroom or bachelor for cheap in Manhattan except for maybe somewhere in Harlem for what is objectively cheap in other cities (except London or Tokyo). Depending on the location of your internship it might be possible to have a place like that in Brooklyn or Queens. Your best bet is rolling the dice with a sublet and hoping you end up with a dope roommate who can introduce you to people and show you a good time.

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