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  1. I tried on the vintage chinos today and they are no joke, but they were out of almost every common size. 32x32 certainly nowhere to be found and 33x34 was the closets, but I was swimming in them.

    Anyone know when they replenish? I'm in NYC until Tuesday

    They had vintage chino? darn, i asked a sales few days ago ane he said there is no more.

  2. I'll be in New York for another 5 days. I visited Unuqlo and bough 6 shirts already. They quality is pretty impressive. I'll be making another trip to Uniqlo in 2 days or so. Anyone need me to buy anything for them? I'll also be heading to CDG too, any other stores. If u need something, I'll see if I can grab them for u. I'll be charging the original price of the shirt + 8.375% of the tax, plus 5 dollars for "each" item purchase (cost of effort and time :D )

    Once I get back to San Diego, I'll ship all the stuff out (I'll be back on 6-20 so I'll ship them out on 21 or 22) U can either do local pick up or I can ship (u'll pay for the shipment), insurance is additional.

    I won't purchase the item until I've received paypal. My paypal address is [email protected]

    Send me PM or leave messege in here. I'll be loging in again after 10 hours or so :D

  3. ...when time is of the essence (limited schedule), and this will be my first time in there.

    Let's say...a TOP 5 to 10? For clothes and sneakers. Not stuff like "Gucci flagstore" though, more streetwear - but "superfuture" stuff, not hip hop.

    Flight Club NY, DQM, Alife...? Is Century21 worth it?


    Bump for u, i have the same questions