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  1. other than the hario skerton, are there any other decent burr grinders that aren't $100+? I generally use a chemex and would prefer something that offers decent finer grounds, but it's just so fucking hard to justify spending 2-300 when you work in a coffee shop and can just grind it there, but I end up sacrificing freshness when I have a few days off in a row.. 


    if i can purchase it around nyc that'd be even better

    How many cups do you make a day? I personally have a skerton at work and enjoy using it cause it gives me a chance to get off my chair and to the office kitchen to grind away.

    If you are going to do 2-3 cups a day, just fork for the Baratza Encore, is abou $130, but it will last you a good 2-3 years with simple maintenance. I would avoid the bodum burr grinder.. had 2 friends complain about it after a few months of daily usage.

  2. Anyone have an experience with the Philips Saeco "Burr Grinder, Top"?


    Vente Privee has it for $55, and the idea of an automatic burr grinder is quite appealing, but only if it's at least at Hario hand-grinder quality standard. If it's halfway decent, I'm going to grab it - if anyone else wants to too, hook a brother up and use my referral link.

    Got this for my office. Gave it to a friend to use at home after 2 weeks.

    Pro: -Compact & Light - I brought this to cabin trip and to a friends house with ease.

           -Good grind consistency

          -Good range of settings for pressurized-portafilter machines to french press

    Con: -TOO loud for office use of if you need a 'quieter' grinder

           - Grinds tend to fly off from the side of the catcher

          - Stupid safety features. Would have been rather if they had a master on/off switch in the back instead.

         - Doesnt do big batch grinds very well.

    I would only get this if you were planning on doing a brew a week or something. If it is a daily machine that you are looking for, go with an Encore.

  3. I think missing meals, especially breakfast, takes a more mental toll on your body/workout routine.

    i have to have breakfast. If I ever miss it, i feel like shit and often would slack off my routine during workout after work.

    You wont have time for like cereal?

  4. saeco is a good entry level brand. I would say go for it if its $55. Depends on what you are using it for though.. probably will not work well with a prosumer espresso machine, but for brewed coffee devices, it should be fine.

  5. At least is a Burr grinder.

    But yea, for a cleaner cup of coffee, go with Clever or V60 or Kalita. Clever will offer you the cheapest long term cost cause you can use #4 filters.

    Aeropress for something stronger.

  6. What grinder are you using? That will play a factor too.

    My work setup at the office is a Hario Slim Mill and a aeropress. Planning to get the Able Disk after I finish up using all the paper filters.

    At home i use a V60. Although I am tempted to get a Kalita since it is easier to control the water flow.

  7. Looking for a decent grinder to use with my Bodum french press, but Im not trying to spend about 5x the amount I bought the press for. Does anyone have any budget recommendations for a grinder capable of turning out a consistent coarse ground suitable for a french press? I was probably thinking a Hario Skerton manual grinder.

    most of the hand grinders in the budget range have poor fitment causing the burrs to move around in corse setting.

    If you get the Hario, there are mods out there to reduce the 'play' during the grinding period.

    IMO, if you can save a bit more, the OE Lido will provide you with better results and a longer lasting grinder either for home use or on the go.


  8. @ Wayoutwest,

    heres a quote from that thread.

    "W_378 is the part number. It is called a 'water inlet/vibratory pump filter screen'.

    Don't worry. It took me a long time to find it, too. It is $6.18 on espressoparts, but only $2.xx at filtersfast.com. Look up ga4004 on amazon"

  9. Also looking for a good 3 day split. mix up a little cardio in between. Found this in a bb.com article. thoughts?

    like bryce said. I think is overkill. Unless you are going for endurance/fat burning and doing moderate weights, then that routine maybe good.

    but we are in supermeathead. I would reduce the reps do either a 8-6-4 or just do 6 reps for both set using heavy weights.

  10. I have heard there are a lot of bad batches (dead pixel , ghosting ) and the stock stand is not the best. But for 300 bucks is a great bargain compare to apples cinema display

  11. What is the best fitted/slim fit Arc'teryx jacket? I have had my Theta for the past 4 years now and is great for when I am layering. However, it is too boxy/loose when I am just wearing a t-shirt inside.

    I'm looking for a new jacket that is more fitted for the warmer season (Vancouver rainy summers)...

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