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  1. tjonow, I'd love to sell you my jeans! :D But if the 30 is sizing down for you, don't do it......

    The final verdict is in on the Indigo SEXIH waist sizing.

    The measured waist size on these run 2" smaller than tagged size.

    Please do keep in mind that these will NOT shrink much at all, and WILL stretch an entire inch in the waist after only ten wears.

    The Black overdyes will run 2.5" smaller than tagged size, same goes for above, they won't shrink much at all and will still stretch quite a bit.

  2. Argh. I just got caught up on the 66XX/XX contest, but I saw these in Tokyo last year... Can't do both :(

    I wear 30 in Eternals, so was thinking of a 32 in the 66XX for a comfy fit, vs a 31 in the anniversary model... Must win lottery...

    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to beatle again."

  3. I'm going to Osaka tomorrow, and then Tokyo after that.

    Anyone know the locations of stores (preferably with English speaking staff) where I'll be able to try on some Sammies.

    Also, despite me always asking it, how should they fit unwashed if I want a slim fit out of 5000vxs and 710s? I know I'm going to size down at least 1, maybe 2 on each. But knowing how much things like the waist will shrink by, as well as things like the thigh, knee and hem would be nice.

    Tabris - check out the jeans in Tokyo thread - tons of info there on Tokyo. Americaya in Ueno, and Bears in Shimokitazawa both had Sammy's. I can't remember which brands, but a number of the stores mentioned in the Tokyo thread carried both raw and 1-wash versions of the same model, so that's another way of better determining your fit. Have fun!

  4. The guys are Evisu were cool. I pointed them to the DD+1 link in sufu - which they didn't know about - and they all got really excited about it.

    They have another store on the 5th floor, where we saw one guy doing the handpainting - but he didn't want to be photographed. Yamane has a store just kitty corner from the Evisu Tokyo shop, where they have awesome boots, made-to-measure suits, and shirts. Plus toy memorabilia galore! :)

  5. Well, wrapped up the Tokyo trip... With a vow to go back! Japan is amazing!

    Bears was great - chainstiching done in 30 minutes - well worth the trip to Shimokitazawa. Take the south exit from station - then follow Atom's directions.

    Harajuku was chock full of great stores. OT & Emotional also carried a huge selection of Redmoon items, and the folks were super friendly. The Denime store was also really well stocked.

    Another store in Harajuku, not yet mentioned, is the Smart Clothing Store: carried Stormy Blue, Momotaro, and the best selection of Whites, Wesco's, etc - customized for the Japanese market - that I've seen. Made me break down and buy a pair. :)

    I found Tokyo Evisu in the Ebisu district, about a 10 minute walk from the train station. They had a one day turnaround for gulls on the back pockets. Anything more intricate calls for 5 days wait. Cool place, with a shuttle loom right in their entrance:



    5 days was not nearly enough....

  6. Thanks to everyone who posted up such great info on Tokyo!:)

    I'm on day 2 here, having spent the previous week in Singapore. Yesterday - thanks to your directions - we spent the day in Ueno, finding a treasure trove of goodies in places like Hinoya, Americaya, and Jalena.

    Picked up a pair of Burgus 780's (Hinoya's house brand), as well as a couple of sugarcane short sleeved shirts and belts.

    The shoes/boots are really unique here. All the major US boot companies are represented (Danner, Whites, RW, etc) with designs that are unique to Asia. Quite expensive though! A six inch pair of Whites smokejumpers will run you over 100k yen!

    Got a lot of comments from denim store folks about my SExFH jeans and wallet!

    Took lots of photos, and now need to pick up a card reader. Folks at the Akihabara district were saying that they wouldn't guarantee that readers would work with English versions of windows xp :( . Does anyone have any experience with this? Otherwise my uploads will have to wait until I get back to north america.

  7. Lol! Yeah, I actually have mountaineering boots for those epic adventures!

    I just wanted a really rugged boot to wear for major work up at the cottage, that could also do double duty & look good with japanese denim!

    I am so impressed with the fit and comfort of these. I am sure I will be eying the semi-dress next

    I went through Tom Ramstead at Linegear (no personal interest) and was very happy with their support & cust service.

  8. Well, I too have fallen for the White's! Here are my just-arrived boots! 8 inch Smokejumpers, in two-tone roughout, brown lower quarters, black uppers, with the standard smokejumper vibram sole. I am delighted with them, and frankly, shocked at how comfortable they are, right out of the box!




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