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  1. Nice links & info! Thanks 35percent!

    For general use, I agree about serrated blades. But I also have a dedicated rescue knife that sits either in the car, or strapped on me when rafting, kayaking, or climbing. That serrated blade will free you from tangles a lot faster than a plain edge!

  2. can anyone recommend a knife with half serrated blade and a glass breaker. I'd like it to be a good size, blade no shorter than 4in.

    I like the microtech scarab but its too expensive and illegal.

    but i want something like that (not otf)

    and i'd like it to be black. thanks

    This is as close as I've seen to what you're looking for.


  3. Anyone know how long it should take a shipment of jeans to come to Toronto from Self Edge? I am working on a week now and the status has not changed from in transit in a few days which is slower than normal from California.

    It usually takes 4-5 days. If it's longer, then the SOB's in customs got their paws on it. :mad: Happened to me on my last order.

  4. @Riff, yeah! It was like 65 degrees today until it started raining and dropped back down. I'm really enjoying the 660s, def a good fit for me I think. I like that Carhartt, is it US or Euro series?

    @TJ. I say keep 'em. they look good.

    660 fit is golden. Re Carhartt - it's the Euro "Ace" jacket (B10 wannabe :) )

    TJ looks like you got some good stretching done. I think that's how they're supposed to look!

  5. Markus... Definitely at least 5 years younger :) Very nice BR shirt. And Salaami's is great looking too... I'll have to check out the Pike bros site!

    Appfaff - jeez, short sleeves! I'm jealous! And nice fit on your 660's - sweet denim, isn't it?

    Still darned cold here...


    Vis, 811, TNF flannel, Carhartt

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