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  1. ^if you don't care about your girlfriend, then you don't care about your girlfriend. break up with her and see how you feel. 


    honest question to everybody reading this thread, in response to frank. and rosarkar who are kind of in similar situations. (Maybe this is more appropriate for superdepressed but it's kind of a confession from me, a potential asshole)


    I don't get it. I have a friend in university who's going through a similar thing. I read her tumblr posts about how she's lacks motivation for social interaction, school work, relationships, etc. Is it really like that? I feel like she's become infatuated with the idea of being affected by a certain level of emotional torment. She reblogs a ton of shit that screams "I'm really sad and I don't know why and I can't do anything about it." Obviously I don't just say these things to her because it always becomes a "you don't understand" type of argument. I definitely recognize that there are people who go through hardships that have large repercussions in all aspects of their lives. I'm also not trying to say that you have to have been raped to feel a certain type of way. But goddamn her issues (and that of the posters above) seem so petty. You guys are living what might be the best years of your life depending on what your job prospects are after school and you're sitting here using cigarettes like they're medicine. 


    Am I insensitive to think you guys are spending too much time in your own head and you're just subconsciously attracted to the idea of living the life of a murakami character? 


    I've had phases where I've felt like not seeing any of my friends or doing anything because I was just tired of them. I never questioned my feelings about it and wondered what was happening to me and why everything started tasting grey and etc because I know i'd be lying to myself all for the purpose of licking some nonexistent wounds. How I feel is how I feel. 


    Again, I'm not trying to offend, but I'm seriously trying to figure out how to deal with this fragile beezy and this could be my own reality check. please advise. 

  2. Hello all,


    I'm selling a few things because I'm trying to make space in my closet. Prices are firm because I believe they're fair but I entertain all offers. 



    Undercover Nylon M65 (FW 10/11 Avakareta Life) SZ 3: SOLD





    UU Parka: SOLD

  3. I Made IT! and yea i know, its cuz they fit small and i was lazy to put a pic. And those pics were for a friend, they were supose to be for his brand (shirt im wearing), surprised you noticed i put them up the same day. thanks for the neg Tick.... just noticed everyone in here went and negged hahaha u guys fucked up, added a pic from google just for u guys


    no one wants to see a stock pic of a brand new pair. your pair is obviously worn. people post pictures of shit they want to sell so buyers know exactly what they're getting. do you even want to get rid of them? fucking ridiculous. 

  4. Yesterday I went to my friends bday party and brought him a bottle of wine. He was drunk and handed me a regular can opener to open it. After realizing it, he stepped away to go get an actual wine key. While he was gone, I wanted to use the sharp part of the can opener to cut off the foil. His sister saw me from across the room and thought I was fucked up and doing stupid shit when she was actually fucked up herself. She walked over and wrestled it from my hand while I was trying to explain to her and it pretty much turned into one of those scenes in the movies where the struggle goes on for way longer than necessary.

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