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  1. i wore my new standards in for around 2 weeks and then i went to the beach, so i cuffed them up to a little below my knees. bad idea :mad: they ended up getting looser on the bottom. then i went home and i dipped the stretched portion into some hot water and left it outside to dry. bad idea number 2 :mad: they didn't shrink much but they became crazy stiff and rough. i thought they would do the opposite and get softer? what happened? it didnt' lose any indigo but now my thigh material is like soft and the bottom part is rough. Do i just have to wait for the bottom to get soft again? it's been like a week. im so stupid lol.

  2. ^

    i thought the knee area stretches out instead of becoming smaller in width?

    well, for me, when I make honeycombs on the knee area, all of the denim bunches up while the denim from the lower leg remains straight. when you look in the mirror, your jeans look thinner at the knee area and the lower leg appears wider as if it were a bootcut.

    andrew, if u like the 514 fit (minus the "bootcut" illusion) then i would recommend you get the new standard and size down at least 2 sizes from your true waist size. the new standard isnt too skinny and has a good taper, but will look like straight leg when worn in.

    so the new standard won't do that? that's good to hear. You say size down at least 2 so 3 would probably be reasonable? is sizing down 3 really all that bad? I heard people complaining that it's absolutely dreadful.

  3. should i get the apc new standard or regular cure.

    i'm looking for a fit where the bottom of the leg still looks straight even after the honeycombs develop.

    I have levi's 514s and i notice that after i have honey combs on these, the mid area becomes skinnier than the bottom so that the leg opening looks as if it flares out kind of like a bootcut especially when i wear them with sneakers. However when i take them off and flatten them, it looks like a straight leg again. I am scared the new standards will do the same thing my 514's do.

    I was thinking the regular cures but im scared that the leg opening will be tapered too much so that the bottom will be skinnier than the middle when the honeycombs set in.

    I'm not asking which of the jeans is more of a straight leg because we know that's the new standard. What i wanna know is which will look like a straight leg once the honey comes set in and the knee area becomes smaller in width.

    that is my small question. thanks :D

  4. haha i guess they don't have to wear a new pair a jeans for the picture then.

    makes you wonder though, is the dude wearing the standard in both of the pictures? or the new standards? the wrinkles fall exactly in the same place in both the pictures. it's probably the standards.

  5. Am i the only one that notices that the pictures for the new standards and the standards on denimbar show the same pair of jeans but the dude has his hands on his waist in one of them? :confused:

  6. Old Cures are just called "Cures" (as far as I know anyway). They're still available directly through APC, and are listed on their webstore (in the US). Size down 2.

    thank you very much. I have a feeling i'd like the cures more because they would stack more with my shoes. If i've read things correct, the new standards would look a tad bit like a boot cut at the bottom when worn with sneakers. At least that's what my 514's do.

  7. Can anybody tell me where the best place to order old Cures is besides the official site?

    Also, should i size down 2 sizes like on new standards?

    thanks in advance :)

  8. Can anybody tell me where the best place to order old Cures is besides the official site?

    Also, should i size down 2 sizes like on new standards?

    thanks in advance :)

  9. I finally got around to snatching up a pair of the Morrisons. I am a true 33 waist and got them in 30. These are only a tiny bit tighter than I like, but still pretty nice. I suspect they will stretch out to perfection. I tried the hot iron trick, but there are still traces of the fake creases. Not bad for a little over 20 bucks.

    You got the morrisons for a little over 20 bucks? What Gap did you get it from? I might have to order form there

    Do they still have 31/30's? I didn't know the morrisons were still on sale.


    ur talking about these right?

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