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  1. GANRYU Nylon/Polyester Fleece Coach (MEDIUM)


    I've literally worn this 4 times. Includes replacement fabric and button. Selling because it's a lot warmer than it looks and I have too many warm jackets for a guy who lives in LA. It's a lot heftier than a typical coaches jacket. 


    p2p: 21.5"

    Pit to sleeve end: 21.25"



    280  200 Shipped US 





  2. Had the worst pho today in Trenton


    The pork tasted suspicious, felt like leather and had chunks of translucent fat lodged in it.  Found 2 hairs in the broth too

    Pork? R u sure u had pho???

  3. The regular dac biet at pho2000 in Ktown is okay, but they have this oxtail pho that's pretty good. The noodles come with the regular broth and the oxtail comes in a separate bowl that has its own broth. It's really beefy when they're mixed together. 

  4. honestly have no idea. I tried searching the code for it a while back, but it didn't give me any names. bought it at a mexican thrift store when i was 16. didn't come with OG box. 



    Edit: actually I guess i did have the OG box. I was confusing it for the Aggress Force 



    It's the Air Aggress: http://ozshoes.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=32129&main_cate_no=24&display_group=1


    can't find anything else about it though. 

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342