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  1. What up deadenpro! Crazy, grandma was being nice but ending up doing the jeans end for it. Crazy how much they still shrunk considering they're already one wash. I'm gonna snap more pics later today of a better angle. It could be I'm not used to this loose of a jean. It was these or warehouse 660's which i basically flipped a coin.

    I wear 31 in sg, skull, probably 32 in ironheart now, and same in flathead.

  2. Got my 811's size 33 today. Wanted something different. These are one wash. Overall I like the denim. The top block is comfortable but I guess I'm not used to having this much room from the knee down. Has anyone gotten extra shrinkage from soaking their one wash's? Ill post better pics later:


  3. New to this thread. Need new denims. How's the fit/quality of 660's compared to eternals or other denim? Sizing? Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Vance, have you messed with Stevenson? The latest cut we received from them, the 727, is really good.

    I was eyeing those, Not sure if I want that strong of a taper. I need jeans though in a major way. Kiya, that fit of those IH's look nice. It's motivating me to wanting a slim/straight cut jean, especially there's no 33's or 34's left in the fhxrjb collab.

  5. Okay so maybe im confusing myself but I need some help from you all. I was thinking I needed sz 32 in 710's but maybe a 31 would work out perhaps? Im sz 31 in strike gold 1105's, Skull 5010, etc. my only huge concern would be the thigh area being too tight. Does anyone have those jeans as well that can shed some insight? Im in serious need of jeans; all need repair and its just that time. any info is appreciated. thanks.

  6. Just discovered this thread tonight. Made my friday night. Thank you all for the humorous contribution. I really wanna slap these two. Making me look bad. Smh.....

    these dudes just start a fashion blog .. lol




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