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  1. Thanks. In between getting sz 31 or 32. Any stretch in the waist yet? How's the weft/waft in person on these? I know Kiya stated they eventually fade to a blackish grey denim after while. Thanks in advance.

  2. Kiya and selfedge crew,

    So I'm having some size concerns. I'm wanting to get the 5109's but not sure if I should size up to a 32 or 33. My 1105's sz31 (R.I.P.) are officially retired due to not being able to fit them anymore. How do the 5109's fit in comparison to the sexfhxrjb sz 32? Can't really wear these SEXIH16's in this Austin heat. Thanks in advance.

  3. Damn, did you skate them and bust your ass everyday? Crazy thing is that the denim still has quite a bit of life left but the repairs are beyond extreme

  4. do these boys fit TTS? i'm finding my m998CHs to run a little large.. gonna have to sell :-(

    IMO they are tts. I'm in the same boat with you. Tried on a 9.5 in a pair of 998's for style because it was the only size and those fuckers fit better than my 10's. Was pissed, especially bc I passed on a few colors I wanted in that size. What size are your 998's?

  5. if you are going for more of the streetwear athletic then go for it if the price is right. it's one of those shoes that look good on the rack but off when worn. you know, like, pump furys

    Indeed. I basic these days with gear: jeans, chinos, button-downs, t shirts. I felt like I could make them work but don't wanna force the issue of wearing them that extreme. Guess I really like the model in all aspects. That damn orange tears me away from copping. Should just do it...U should pm me the info for that shop.

  6. my local shop had em for 100. the orange lining stands out too much. it's a difficult color to work with, i thought

    Right on for the feedback. That's exactly keeps me on the fence about them. I still may though....

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