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  1. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Hats off to whoever sniped my cart today. Kiya, restocking a possibility for the 633s OD's or no?
  2. The Strike Gold

    My reaction when Kiya drops dimes on new stuff to come in the future:
  3. The Flat Head

    How did you size in your wabash Maynard?i haven't worn FH shirts in ages
  4. The Flat Head

  5. WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    ^^^ where you been mane! Still in STL?
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    May be leaning towards 1101's, but they are out of stock...
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    thanks for the feedback fellas and sorry for the sideways pics. No idea why they uploaded that way. Yeah I was just thinking I wanted something a bit more roomy in the top block but still some taper but nothing skinny. Would that be the 1101's? Also do the 1101's come in the xx weight? Got some sammie 710's too having 911 denim problems with repairs and Boncoura's aint dropping at SE....
  8. Full Count Denim Thread

    Decided to try a pair of 1109xx sz 32. Haven't had jeans this slim in a while. 911 repairs on the others I have prompted me to get a pair quick but was in the market anyway. What the verdict? Was still interested in 1108xx and 1101's. maybe a bit more room in the top block. What you guys think? Any input is appreciated thanks
  9. Boncoura

    It hurts....
  10. Samurai Jeans

    fellas, will i get the same fading results with 710xx one wash? dont wanna go through the motions of screwing sizing up in the raw state.thanks
  11. The Strike Gold

    Any fit pics of them fellas?
  12. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Man that SDA camo wabash mash up is the truth. Kiya was rocking it a few days ago. Must say it was epic.
  13. Samurai Jeans

    Sup fam. Been really wanting a pair of samurai's especially since they come in one wash now. Can anyone give me some fit info comparing the 0511 to the 710's? Thanks
  14. WAYWT (denim version) 2016

    Good stuff. Uniqlo making pocket tee's now?