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  1. 17 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    The new Sugar Cane SC42021, slim tapered fit.
    They fit pretty similar to Resolute 710 but have a higher front rise and a tad more room in the thighs.




    @Thanks_M8 here you go mate ;)

    Fit is on point.  I dig the shorter inseam as well.

  2. On 3/21/2020 at 2:58 PM, kiya said:

    Whow, haven't heard from you in YEARS... good to see you here again. 

    We should start a quarantine WAYWT here, curious what you all you fuckers look like these days..

    You wanna catch these indoor active short fades?! haha!

  3. 5 hours ago, kiya said:

    So... is now a good time to bring Sufu back?

    Getting those old sufu feels back. Day 3 of official quarantine in Austin for me. Weird vibes. And just think, social distancing for me was just being on the service side of the bar. They boarded up all the bars here. I’m off until May as of now. 

  4. What’s up y’all. Been considering a pair of warehouse jeans. Maybe the 800 or 900. I’m seeing that the longer inseams are being discontinued. Could someone point me to the original ones if possible? Also, are the 900’s that more slimmer than that 800’s? Thanks in advance 


    edit: depending on what the length of the new ones are they may work too. Thanks. 

  5. thanks for the feedback fellas and sorry for the sideways pics.  No idea why they uploaded that way.  Yeah I was just thinking I wanted something a bit more roomy in the top block but still some taper but nothing skinny.  Would that be the 1101's?  Also do the 1101's come in the xx weight?  Got some sammie 710's too having 911 denim problems with repairs and Boncoura's aint dropping at SE....

  6. Decided to try a pair of 1109xx sz 32. Haven't had jeans this slim in a while. 911 repairs on the others I have prompted me to get a pair quick but was in the market anyway. What the verdict? Was still interested in 1108xx and 1101's. maybe a bit more room in the top block. What you guys think? Any input is appreciated thanks


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