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  1. bump123456
  2. lowered prices bump
  3. blue joe cool x supreme box tee, size large, never worn/tried on, tags still attached 75$ usd shipped anywhere in north america, accept paypal only (will do 70$ cdn meet up in vancouver)
  4. stussy direct has the tees and the book for anyone whos interested
  5. dear PicknUpMixtapes4rmBeyonce, i like ur belly <3 thanks
  6. someone buy these for 85$ SHIPPED...NO PAYPAL FEES
  7. copped "i just copped me some <blank> here"
  8. I've read the original comic after seeing the movie. Many of the scenes and lines were literally taken from the book. The only big differences that I noticed were the additions were a music playing goat, deformed dancers, and the giant saw-arm guy.
  9. That is also why it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.
  10. i like some nike sb's...but the majority of ppl who wear them are...
  11. very fit thinkingfresh! alittle too much red but but it still looks nice...also u should definately tuck those tongues in for maximum stackage
  12. bump...i wanna sell this without losing money!!
  13. post pics of ur DL ^^^^
  14. bump bump bump
  15. whenever i write.. lots of ppl have asked me if i must have broken my writing hand when i was younger...yea..its that ugly...on par with an 8 year old... as for cursive...i dun even try cuz i cant read my own writing