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  1. here's what u do:

    go to the bank, get all ur money out. don't even bother "structuring"

    go to the gun store, get an ar-15, 10 magazines, and a case of bullets. or whatever THEY will allow u to have in ur freedom lacking area.

    hunker down, live 2 die another day

    get rite or get left

  2. i think this is a situation in which he should tell this idiot to shove the known universe up his ass.


    he had the time to write out and format his questions like that but not read the listing? what kind of fuckery is this?

  3. how good shit food tastes for you.


    i want an italian beef with hot peppers doused in salt sauce a fuckin smoothie with ice cream 

    i'm laughing at the idea of u eating an italian beef.

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