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  1. wow these are kinda cool....

    they are for postal workers?

    how much?

    i buy if cheap

    $79-100 depending on the website.

    brand is called Thurogood and they are waterproof and built to be like combat boots but they are narrow like reebok ref shoes.

    my roommate has them and they look great.

    google "postal worker uniform"

  2. oh mighty mods,

    im a college student about to graduate, how about a job listings board where people can post their international hook-ups or their requests for jobs. keep it focused on superfuture type stuff: design, fine art, fashion, retail etc

    i only ask here because most job boards in our favorite industry are lackluster and never updated, not like the good ole sufu!



  3. if anyones interested i can post my a77 collection for fit pics..

    hi-standard black size 31 original batch from seven nyc

    joey overdrive blue size 30 from second batch via denim bar

    joey colordrive white/creme size 31 from original batch via some store in canada

    joey colordrive grey size 32 from second batch via supermarket

    joey thunder tan size 31 *COPIES* from korea

    as said before they have changed sizing considerably between batches.

    second batch overdrive blues were rather large so i sized down, my original hi-standards have a waist that is now close to a 33/34 but are tight from knee down more than the others, the white/creme colordives seem to have a tight butt and dont flex much, i had a pair of greydrives in 31 that were incredibly tight in the knee.

    my copies i got just cuz i wanted the color, you can tell an a77 copy by:

    the back tag is more papery than fabric, the butt pocket tag is fluffy leather and the logo is obviously painted via a quick stencil and falls off quite quickly, but the dead give-away is on the side tag it has misspelled words in the copywrite notice.

    the guitar pick is also weird, its been lamenated with a tortoise shell color cheaply.

    the fit is actually right on with a77 and the fabric is actually decent IMO.

    im like my grandma, find one thing that you like and buy it in every color


    complete unopened deadstock, first time out of box was for the pictures.

    comes with original box, dust cover, keychain, and store stuffing. reciept from bloomingdales with purchase number included.

    selling this for my mother.


    denim blue, sort of a darker sky blue.

    100% calfskin leather. silver metal.

    zipped pocket / two flapped pockets with signature push-lock closures, a flat rear pocket and zip top closure. six credit card slots, two flat pockets, and two large gusseted compartments. The interior is also logo jacquard and contains a nylon lining.

    Retail price of the wallet is $395.00. It measures 7.75†x 4†x 1â€. Made in Italy.

    there is a used one on ebay, but this is a far better color and has never left its box. its brand new.

    i have sold lots here and often pack in goodies to buyers, especially if delayed due to school.

    Asking $300. shipping worldwide dependent on your area.

    PM or mail direct at amaillia (at) risd (dot) edu

    thanks your lady pal or mother will love it





  5. holiday party tips that should carry over into your fashion:

    dont *not* be drunk, dont be *totally* drunk

    dont worry about other people, everyones always obsessed with themselves first

    gloves are smart, scarves are smarter

    save room for pie

    dont bring up: homosexuality, politics, religion, sex lives, past relationships

    and remember that when people result to shit talking other people its because they have nothing to say and are afraid of people figuring them out. so talk about movies and books instead.

    at a black and white function, color flair makes you not look like the dinner staff

  6. like it says above, straight hem is like dad weekend shirt steeze.

    but i have some vintage shirts that have that hem, one is a white security guard shirt from the 60s with epulettes, i tuck it in though.

    but some casual shirts from gap and banana republic have that, and some are wearable depending on your body type. the boxy button-up look can work if you go conciously oversized and exaggerated for a 1990s 90210 sorta thing.

  7. how long is your hair? do you have big bushy hair? try wearing the hat on the back of your head and make sure its an appropriate size so it sits where it should.

    some of my hats also have a more squarish top that can look odd with some outfits, it might just be what you're pairing it with.

  8. I like the typeface of that Nars logo .. do you know what it is by any chance?

    from the Nars website:

    The packaging of NARS and NARSskin are just as unique as each product it surrounds: classic yet modern, luxurious yet chic. Created by design genius Fabien Baron, NARS sleek soft touch casings have become a design icon, the ultimate union of function and aesthetic appeal. For NARSskin, Baron raised the bar in skincare packaging by designing clean, minimalist yet elegant bottles and jars that are a testament to the seriousness of the products held within. The tactile feel and elegant yet edgy look of both NARS and NARSskin products are indicative of a design philosophy that keeps NARS on the cutting edge.

  9. the Raf by Raf R in a circle logo, it always read like Joy Divisions fractured music F

    fred perry laurel is iconic

    ive always like the type set for NARS makeup


    lad musician's isnt bad, it reminds me of something from the world cup

    corpus aint bad either, the two swords

  10. i got these from cmirsky a bit ago, they are to tight for me, i usually wear a 30 in a77 but these are more like a 29.

    so i want to trade you for a size 31. grey.

    i already have their blues, whites, blacks, and tans.

    guitar pick and tags included. worn for a few hours round the house.


    Waist, laid flat across: 16 inches

    Rise: 9.5 inches

    Inseam: 32 inches

    Leg Opening: 15.5 cm

    these are colins pictures but the exact jean:


    PM me

  11. when coating fabric in wax or various other chemicals, how do you keep it from smelling like turpenoid and mineral spirits after? in the thread about waxing denim, the guy doesnt say how he got rid of the smell... i dont want to walk around reeking like a diesel engine...

    oh and if you dont mind a little bit of the ole girly wear... the brand Lux makes a girls model that would fit most sufu kids... on urbanoutfitters (gasp)


  12. yeah those are both tribbly hats, fedoras actually have longer brims. bowler hats only look good on british men and certain girls, american men cant pull them off imho.

    you can get cheap ones from gap, target, h&m, etc, more expensive from stetson. google fedora or tribbly hat.

    but heres a question:

    Where can i get a leather tribbly hat, like the ones the specials wore in the music videos???


  13. the barneys in boston had 3 hats, some white dress shirts, and some layering sweaters and that was the first weekend in november. the hats didnt have the ear covers, were very thin, and were in the $300 range. teal green and purple i think.

    anyway, they were cool, had no liner but seemed like they'd be instantly fucked by rain or even the slightest pressure. looked very stupid on me.

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