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  1. i used it about once or twice a month in college, before that it sat in my parents garage. its the pefect first car, college car, etc., i moved to nyc and i dont need it anymore.

    i live really accessible to both JFK and laguardia airports too, flying here is pretty simple and would run you maybe $500

  2. I figured i'd let the nyc people have a go too

    I am selling my Mercedes Benz c280. 1998

    A/C recently checked, engine/oil/computer runs perfect. interior leather and carpet in unused condition.

    rare burgandy color, a dark purple/red brown.

    very low mileage for a car from this year(around 72).

    sunroof, alarm system, 6 disk CD changer, built in cell phone (hidden), all leather.

    The car is a city car, and has some mild cosmetic issues: a large dent in the driver side passenger door (quoted at being a $500 fix, which is already deducted from the bluebook cost). Passenger side light needs a new cover.

    Most new yorkers, including myself, found no fault with these as the overall car is in fantastic chape.

    Car is available to a test drive on monday and tuesday of this week. I live off of the G in brooklyn, a short hop from manhattan via the williamsburg bridge. in the area of pratt university.

    Please SERIOUS buyers only, i will not wait and wait (previous buyer flaked).


    contact for more info



  3. Hey all,

    I got a pair of the Joey "nerves" from SevenNYC (bought in person, tried on) about 2 weeks ago, i wore them the day after I got them and a day last week. I thought they felt a little cheap, softer than usual, less denim-y and more polyblend. I mean i've tried Lee westernwear pants before, and those are 70s stretchy and weird.

    I thought it might just be a new thing for the joey.

    so today I was folding them up to put them in a drawer and i noticed that BOTH of the back pockets are falling off. the gussets are ripping away from the jean at all the seams, they are just unwraveling. I am not a construction worker, I wore them around town and thats it. If i had snagged something, i might claim it as my own, but every one of the gussets is falling away from the jean. I compared them to my colordrives that are 10 months old, and they havent moved a centimeter in the way that the nerves have.

    So i wanted to know if those who have also bought and worn the new ones, especially the nerve color, if yours are falling apart. Look at them and post here

    Icarus always said they had terrible quality, but, i have 5 pairs of april77s (can prove with picture, i have 2 pairs joey blue colordrive, greydrive, whitedrive, tan cords)

    and have had and worn them daily without problems for a year+.

    The inside patch always used to say made in morrocco, now its tunisia.

    I'm writing them to get my money back at least cheap mondays can hold it together for 2 weeks. For shame april77!




  4. my point is about this:

    show me 1 (one, just one) picture of someone wearing a julius or rick owens jacket who is white (as in not asian), over the age of 29, and looks good. and is not rick owens, i mean a person in the every day.

    i know that most people who would buy a $2000+ jacket from either brand have the money to not care, its just i am blow away by the rationalizations by 18 year olds in ohio!

    neg rep me but at least i have an opinion that looks 4 years into the future.

  5. when it comes to leather jackets i wish more people would realize "modern, sleek, slim" equals "dated, played, to small" in about a year. instead you should go for "timeless, classic, fit to your body"

    therefore i recommend ebay and knowning what size you wear in a mens suit jacket.

    and wearing a rick owens or julius leather jacket after the age of 29 is disgusting. so dont say its a $2000 "investment", because it will turn into someones $400 ebay impulse buy from you in 2 years.

  6. is it me or every winter season since 2000 menstyle and their sub-brands always go on and on about peacoats? they're nice but are they just calling it over and over until they get it right?

    also, if any of the people who write up these sorta one liners for their stores (ie. blackbird) read this, please STOP using "subtle" to describe every kind of leather. you're ruining the word. try "soft as a baby's bottom" but seriously.

  7. they sure have covered a lot of ground with the sampling of british sub-cultures.

    mod, teds, rude boys, skins, northern soul, JATMC...

    next S/S will be stone roses influence with baggies, pollack splatter pain, and XL striped tees. pics of models doing the ian brown dance.

    but i will cop.

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