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  1. can you get waves like that though? i deffinitley dont want some carrot top shit

    and yeah i give about 0% of a shit if somebody thinks its lame

    my hair, when long is very wavy and curly like that dude in the picture, but warning: it sucks and is very hard to deal with, it does its own thing and everyday you have to fight with it. hopefully you'll live in a dry climate, humidity makes waves go crazy. if you're used to your hair being flat and dependable, be prepared to be constantly having to mess with it.

    i keep it short because of this.

  2. one of my favorite clerks is from second chance antiques in omaha nebraska, he always remembers me even though i only come when i'm visiting my parents around the holidays. always knows my taste and cuts deals.

    but, in new york city, i like being pleasantly surprised by people, this has happened at both seven and bess and other places multiple times, my first reaction is they are going to be uptight and snobbish, but they come through as genuine and kind.

  3. photo9rq8.th.jpgthpix.gif

    my hair is a mix of morrissey + agent dale cooper + ssyouth

    my personal opinion of hair is that short hair with a quiff is the ultimate way to combine utility with vanity in a style that is both timeless and allows you to age respectively with your hair.

    long hair, especially unkempt hair (even into your later 20s) is a sure way to show the world that you will be a bald and confused middle aged man...

  4. some of you guys liked my style inspiration blog, but just so ya know, i got my computer back and its up and running again, if you have a blog and want to be added to my friends send me a message


  5. ****all messages should go to my email NOT my PM. if you PM me nobody will read it. direct emails to andrew.mailliard(at)gmail.com ****

    1. Brown Cuban Heeled, Beetle boot.

    Margiela made a look-a-like pair a few seasons ago, well these are the vintage originals. Tan leather with inside zipper and strap. stitched details on toe. heel and footbed are in fantastic condition. late 1960s/70s. $26 shipped US.



    2.Cheap Monday rinse wash. NWOT. 30x32

    never worn, never washed, but tagless cheap mondays.

    I paid $50, you pay $40 shipped US.


    3. Cole Haan Paris seemless repettos.

    These are fantastic vintage repettos that are one piece of leather, hand made in paris. Size 10.5. long and narrow with great heels. opening ceremony? chronic of never? nah these are the OG vintage style. no seems! there is a small leather rip from the age near the left toe. get a cobbler to fix if you wish or make them your everyday shoes. $30 shipped US.



    4. Doc Martens, black, vintage. Classic

    Oi, i just got these but they are a size to small. they are supposedly 43s, but they fit like a u.s. 8.5-9, small feeted kiddos rejoice. these are nicely broken in but not beat up, from the 1990s. $45 shipped US.


    5. two tone winklepickers. stacy adams. never worn.

    size 9.5 brand new shiny as all hell. very dior SS05, long and thin and rock n roll.

    $30 shipped US


    6. Vintage 1990s GAP polo.

    This is a cool shirt, cut and color is very comme des garcons. fits like a larger medium. i could just give it to salvo army, but this is just to cool of a shirt.

    $10 shipped USA.


    7. Vintage Brooks Cafe Racer. aged, butter leather, very very Julius style.

    tagged size 42, fits slim in the arms (consult fit pic), lots of life left, aged on all the edges. grenade zipper pulls. has a locking main zipper that has to be pressed in order to unzip (cool!)

    one of my favorite items, just time to give to someone new.

    $70 shipped USA (which is incredibly cheap for a jacket like this)



    8. Vintage 1980s LA KINGS baseball style nylon jacket.

    Black/silver. slim fit medium. classic, simply a great cut, color. looks like a raiders jacket but no, its LA KINGS! rare jacket. i have a leather one now so this ones up for grabs.

    $36 shipped USA.



    9. Oversized Ann D style striped knit sweater.

    chunky knit but is actually light and easily wearable. fits like a roomy medium, but doesnt bunch up, it lays straight in the arms and chest. the picture makes the lines look black, but they are actually navy. very johnny marr, very Ann D, could see geller making this for an SS sweater. Its a vintage no-name brand, worth it and a great piece. $20 shipped US (i paid that too at a nyc boutique)


    10. Vans authentics. size 9. MADE IN THE USA

    rare made in the usa white classics. worn a few times. were to small. bleach them if you want them platinum white again.

    $30 shipped US.


    11. Vintage french "le gym" velcro high tops. 43, 9.5

    very narrow. a grey-blue. margiela copied these and so did vans with their prison issues. they have plimsole soles and have been worn once. they are from the 1980s.

    $30 shipped US.



    12. Japanese sneakers. a mix of dior and lanvin. 9.5, 43

    odd, rare, shoes from japan. check the pictures. super cool, just not my style really.

    great condition, worn 5 times? i paid $120, you can take them for $70 shipped US.

    nobody else will have them, i bet you that.



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