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  1. cimg0230pb4.jpg

    ive owned lots of amps and guitars over the years, but this is my current rig, simple and easy, great tone for my style.

    VOX AC30

    various pedals, mostly always run a Dyna Comp, and a Boss Chorus set similar to a Roland Jazz-Chorus amp sound. other than that straight in with reverb up.

    Guitar- 1970s Ibanez Les Paul black beauty

    Bass- 1990s Fender Jazz

    other amps ive owned

    Marshall Major 200watt head with kt88s

    Sunn Coliseum

    Sunn Slave

    Earth copy of a fender bassman with EL34s

  2. i am by no means a skinhead nor have i ever claimed to be, i enjoy reading about youth cultures and subgenres and skins are one that i find interesting to read about and figure out. i didnt mean to use "beaner" in as negative context as it may have sounded, we can talk about it further on PMs, i dont have any qualms about it and i consider myself incredibly leftist and non-racist.

    the name "PAID VACATION" comes from a Circle Jerks song, read the lyrics for more info. also i am hardly working class.

    PM me for more info, E-flame battles are wasted time.

  3. fred perry was the agassi of 1930, keep that in mind. and the rise of the wreath has more to do with availability than brand, what sears-robuck is to american workwear fred perry is to brit casual. abnd just like japanese kids shelling out for tenderloin and reissue american woolrich, kids shell out for sears level fred perry

  4. Why dress like a skinhead when one could dress rockabilly and not have to worry about looking like a mod.

    I don't mind skinhead dress/attire, but what is with the meathead attitude behind it?

    skins and rockability are completely different worlds, only sharing youth culture and guitar music and some accidental combining recently. in recent years it seems they've fallen together as some sort of vintage trade show crap to sell to old beaners and never-weres. but just picking between the two as "ones got hair, one doesnt" completely misses the point.

    and there are plenty of skins who arent meatheads, just because ROMPERSTOMPER painted a certain portrait doesnt mean shit.

    and as far as taking tidbits of skin fashion and building upon it regardless of its subgenre ethics is nothing new, and has been discussed at length already in this thread and is the entire point of this thread, so tiny personal epinions on skins are so pointless.

  5. nice chair whizkit ... i'm in the market for a new chair for my desk. i'm thinking this:


    we have these at school, even with the pad they are notoriously uncomforable. i cant imagine without the pad, also they force you to lean back and then if you sit up, like at the lip the chair tips foward and slips out from under you.

    believe me i did it once in a busy room and made an ass of myself

    i got to risd, so they are all about designy looking but badly designed for function and comfort furnishings. my chair sophmore year gave me back problems because the seat angled up in a reverse C shape and had 3 legs.

  6. i really enjoyed THIS IS ENGLAND, i thought it was great. growing up in the punk/hardcore scene, i felt like the film just was straight foward in the oddity of adolescent groups of friends regardless of its music and skin frame.

    best line "do you want to suck my tits" i was on the floor laughing.

  7. can i derail here?

    just got a macbook pro, whats the cheapest i can spend on a 22"+ widescreen LCD monitor for watching movies on?

    you can get a Dell widescreen LCD monitor and then get the apple switcher cable and still be cheaper than an apple LCD monitor

  8. start with skin care, if you have sensitive skin you need to switch to something that will keep your skin from getting dry and fucked up by a seriously close shave. try the dove products for showering and then get a nice aftershave skin lotion, something like "facial fitness" by polo works well.

    then get a real razor, and a old fashioned lather kit. practice and you'll have the closest shave possible.

  9. as these ship to stores, the apple online store will have a bunch of factory seconds for way cheaper.

    i have an intel macbook that i got as a factory second when they started releasing them. the issue was my macbook flickers when switching from sleep to awake and from AC power to battery power, it does it for about a minute or two, for that easy to ignore issue i saved close to $400 after my student discount.

    just sayin. Apple has bargains if you're willing to wait for them, plus all the one year old generation iMacs will be let go cheaper too.

  10. film SLRs are cheap enough where you should just go ahead and learn on them. i cant stand the who "i bought a pro-sumer camera and therefore i am a photographer" thing, but i guess times have changed.

    camera to get:

    Canon AE-1, any of this series is a good bet, since they have a lot of accessories floating around, they are straight forward, built like a tank.

    very similar to the student standard Pentax, but IMO a better camera.

  11. their best stuff is the workwear from the 1950s-1960s, which is well flooded on ebay in vintage form. ive gotten a lot of stuff that they've simply reissued for other markets on ebay. also, in new england (esp north of mass) every thrift store has the best woolrich gear tagged for like $10.

  12. their baseball logo script looks like 90s skate gear for World Industries, that kiddie flameboy thing brand.

    i wouldnt be caught dead in gear that referenced that, but i dig the purple shorts. just loose the font!

  13. gap makes them but they are boxy and sized oddly. softer than hanes.

    these shirts are best after theyve been broken in, if you're willing, go to a large thrift store like Salvation Army, they have a bunch as they are commonly given away.

  14. james dean


    paul weller

    johnny marr

    brit pop

    teds, suedeheads, skins, rockers, early punk

    DC hardcore

    LA punk

    guns n roses in their prime


    british wear

    nebraskan workwear from the 50s, 60s

    foreign military gear

    richard hell

    the clash especially combat rock era (i know)


    the vicious, regulations, april77


    my mother

  15. ill be there the entire time, ive been to ottawa before on tour and it wasnt my particular fav. but anyway, anyone going to the film fest and/or want to meet up sufu style?

    its Sept. 19 - Sept. 23, 2007

    PM me and give me a good tour of ottawa and ill give you passes to the private parties

  16. its so easy,

    take shirt, turn it inside out, using pins (from any drug store), determine how close to your torso you want them, mark with said pin. use 3-4 pins per side running from your armpit to the end seem.

    go to a sewing machine, if you dont have one, your mom does, or one of your girlfriends friends does. most schools also have one around, just ask.

    run a simple line from the armpit to the end of the shirt following the pins like "connect the dots", as you go past the pins, remove them.

    turn shirt right-side out, you have a hidden stitch. cut excess fabric off on the inside. if you are doing this to a vintage shirt, say something you might not want to totally destroy, dont cut off the excess, you can remove the stitch to return the shirt to original size.

    if you cant do that, then your girlfriend or mom could. its so simple.

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