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  1. full studio greenscreen w/ studiocams

    bolex reflex 16mm

    cpcam 16mm

    panasonic dvx

    nikon d70

    g5 macs w/ aftereffects, finalcut, avid, etc

    wacom tablet

    DVCAM deck

    maudio firewire interface


    vox ac30

    1976 ibanez lp

    ---- thats the stuff im using in my studio for my degree project.

    i have access to lots of other goodies like arriflexs, 35mm full oxberrys, 16mm mini oxberrys, jk controlled 16mm optical printers, contact printers, 35mm steenbecks, 16mm steenbecks etc etc

  2. not being fiesty, it would look like something still, chris, hap, diamonds, crillz, and all the other punk meets gotho ninjas would dig, just not black nor grey but woodsy. its very wearable, im just to short for this kind of coat and id rather stick with my leather jackets and my military parka.


    ps caliroots sold this up to XL and had dudes modeling it

  3. I got this coat last year, wore it once, liked it dearly, but it wasnt for me. i have coats galore and i dont need this one.

    its got a great check pattern, has leather accents, and a nice neck guard that gives it some wearing ability. its long and lean for a slim look

    its unisex, but this is marked size M and it will fit oversized (but good in the shoulders) to an S or will fit a M like an M should fit.

    i dont have a camera available, so this is the stock pic:


    im looking for $80 shipped domestic, $85 most international places. but send an offer!

    i have sold a bunch on here and i know not having a real pic sucks, but you can ask anyone ive ever bought from or sold to that i am trust worthy.


    great, warm, stylish, for the winter months.


  4. Question:

    My dad's birthday is coming up and i want to get him a nice pair of jeans. i wear april 77s, so clearly my tastes are a tad slim for his style. needs to be straightleg, nice denim, blue, not to stiff or raw, not stretchy, no pre-fade or butt paint. like a classic pair but a little slimmer in the legs than like a 501. something that will also look decent in a dad size (he doesnt have a 29 waist anymore)

    any suggestions?

  5. small town thrift stores... savers, etc etc

    places like search and destroy just go to said savers, but them for $40, turn around and sell them to city nards.

    i have 4 leather jackets of various styles, never paid more than $60 for a cafe racer, members only style, punk...

  6. in my opinion, size up

    otherwise just wear leggings, youre close enough. sexless rail thin males are delicious, but april 77 cultivates a different look, look at how Duffy from guns n roses wore his pants. they were tight, but not bowie lost in space tight.

  7. how good are you with electronics? if you want a low watt class A valve head, you could go two routes and save $$$

    buy an old PA head / harp amp / tube receiver. mod it.


    buy an old tube organ amp. usually out of a hammond or leslie. mod it.


    buy any pawnshop 1x12 combo, gut it, put your head in and buy a celestian. custom recording amp for waaay less than any of the reissue 18watt class A heads on the market

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