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  1. Dope!!!! I'm gonna be honest I have been following this thread but have yet to really get alot of stuff is toros stuff mostly like this?
  2. 20 post per page too?
  3. The best part is the back of her knees HAMHAWKS
  4. almost as dope as this one
  5. I gave thenickisme plus rep. If "Stacks O'Hoolihan" Can get a shit ton of rep for his contrived version of Streetwears, this noob who is not full of himself and is open for opinons can get rep too. Stacks on Deck doesn't even post anything but his nasty get ups too.
  6. Is the munchie chick posting under your account?
  7. shots...fired?:confused:
  8. Somebody help me with this sample, I have been looking for it literally FOR YEARS. Its really hard to find. w2n4sj3LEH0
  9. . . . ..........
  10. HAPTRONIC DUDE USED THE NWORD. Surly if a black person such as my self slightly even hints @ using the n-word (remember the old english term?) and gets notified, this Pink Toe should be banned.
  11. cqR7b-TiHTk