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  1. Matte Black Rayban Wayferer RB2132


    Paid $125 + tax from lenscrafters last week because I thought I lost my old pair, found them under my car seat while these were on their way in the mail so I'm selling it. These are BRAND NEW with the authentic rayban logo, tags, sticker still on them. Never been worn and comes with original box, and little booklit. I love these glasses.

    Monster Beat Pros Headphones


    I paid $400 + tax for these a couple months ago hoping to use these for video editing, didn't end up using them as much as I had expected. They've been sitting in the room ever since, I don't use them anymore. They're superbly GREAT headphones, and they were well worth the $450 I paid for them. The sound acoustics are great, can very well hear each individual instrument. These are truely a great product created by dr. dre and beats and they're the best headphones I've owned. Great condition, still have the original carrying case and receipt.

    Nudies Hank Rey 31x32


    I bought these a couple months ago, wore them for a week or two and they've been sitting in my closest since. No fading, no creases, still pretty new.

    Free Priority Mail Shipping in the US!!

    Nudies - $100 > $85 > $50

    Raybans - $100 > $90 > $75

    Monster Beat Pros - $250 > $237 > $220

    Prices are firm! I paid a lot more for all of these, they're in great condition and I ship for free with USPS priority!

    Pictures coming!

  2. good to see you again ed

    what kind of raw denimz is your fat ass breaking in these days

    i have some flathead g string if u want fit pics

    how do we know this is the real koiphan92 and not an imposter/impersonator

    its me du

  3. i'll look out for you in sd

    sd meetup sumtime

    khoiphan got bigger and taller.

    you were the short skinny indonesian kid who sold crappy leather wallets with bottles of unsecured oil right for lots of money right?

    genius business plan


    Khoiphan has entered his surly adolescence.

    reaching my 2nd stage of puberty bro

  4. sup guys, don't come here often anymore after selling all my jap denims. :/

    no longer looking to drop 300 on some jawns anymore. where's the cheapest place to get some apcs yo

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342